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Meghalaya Residents Act: Guv examines Ordinance

Tathagata Roy, Meghalaya, Resident Safety and Security Act, 2016,

SHILLONG | November 20, 2019:

Meghalaya Governor, Tathagata Roy today said that he is examining the ordinance on the Meghalaya Resident Safety and Security Act, 2016.

“I am still examining the ordinance,” Roy told reporters here today. It may be mentioned that the State Government had send the ordinance to the Governor for his assent last week. The Cabinet on November 1 last had approved the amendments of the MRRSA, 2016 by way of an ordinance to make it mandatory for visitors who visit the State to register with the State Government.

Meanwhile, Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma said that the implementation of the MRSSA, 2016 is going to happen very shortly.

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“What we require now is to put in place a proper technology for registering of the people who are entering the State. It is going to be a simple technology which will be online. It is a technology where people will not be harassed or need to stand in a line to fill up their forms and register,” Sangma said adding that people can register through their mobile.

He further said that the system will be so smooth that person can register much faster that he or she can book the ticket.

According to Sangma, registration will hardly take 20 to 30 seconds. “The QR code and registration will be send online which is automated. There will be scanners in different locations where individual once they are registered they can inform the Government that they will be coming into the State. This can be done at the entry point and also at the hotel,” Meghalaya Chief Minister said.

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He further said that the development of this technology will take some time. “We are trying to balance out between ensuring the safety and concern of the local people. At the same time, we are also looking to address the concern of the tourist and as well as the business people who comes to the State. Balancing this two is very important that is why we are ensuring that the technology is there,” he said.

When asked on the documents which will be required for registering, he said that they will be asking only basic information adding that the detailed preparation has not been made.

“The information which will be sought are certain ID card, the purpose of the person visit and the duration of stay. This is the basic information which will be sought. But the exact thing will come out later on once we prepare the rules and all the details,” Meghalaya Chief Minister added.

Meghalaya: UDP led EC in KHADC collapses

Meghalaya, UDP led EC in KHADC collapses,

Shillong | Nov 20,2019

The ruling Executive Committee of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) led by Chief Executive Member (CEM), Teinwell Dkhar collapsed during the Council winter session after failing to survive the non-confidence motion moved by the Opposition Congress here today.

While moving the no-confidence motion, the opposition party supported by nine MDCs and an independent MDC, Grace Mary Kharpuri had stated that the ruling coalition which is leading the EC in the Council for the past eight months has failed on all fronts.

The UDA is an alliance comprising of the MDCs of the UDP, PDF, NPP, HSPDP and independent MDCs.

After the opposition moved the no-confidence motion, Deputy CEM, Pyniaid Sing Syiem had asked the MDCs of the ruling SIDE to stand in the floor of the House to prove that the UDA still has the majority. Interestingly, PDF MDC from Umsning, Macdalyne S Mawlong and UDP MDC from Laban, Mitchel Wankhar did not stand despite the request on the part of the Deputy CEM.

The leader of opposition, Lamphrang Blah refused to withdraw the no-confidence motion after the end of the debate and said that he left to the wisdom of the Chairman to decide. The Chairman told the House that he will have to put the no-confidence motion to vote to decide whether ruling coalition still has the support of the majority.

In the House of 29, both the ruling coalition and the opposition got 14 votes each during the voting. Following a tie, Syiem told the House that he would vote to decide who wins the no-confidence motion. The present EC collapse after the Chairman voted in favour of the opposition. Besides Syiem, it is still unclear who are the other four MDCs of the ruling coalition in the Council who supported the NC moved by the opposition.

Syiem, after the voting told the members that the present EC has lost the confidence of the House, since it has lost the support of the majority. He also informed that the election of the new CEM will be held on the November 22.

Meghalaya wins ‘Favourite Emerging Destination’ award

SHILLONG | NOV 19, 2019:

Meghalaya has been awarded the “Favourite Emerging Destination” at the Conde Nast Travelers India Readers’ Award 2019. The Award show was held on Tuesday evening in Delhi.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K Sangma, while expressing happiness said, “Our State has huge tourism potential with its breathtaking scenic appeal. I invite everyone to experience the beauty of Meghalaya”.

Sangma in a tweet wrote:

Meghalaya: Registration of Merchants Association suspended following complaints of illegal money collection


TURA | NOV 19, 2019:

The District Registrar of East Garo Hills district has temporarily suspended registration of Williamnagar Main Market Merchants Association following the complaints received from various sources.

Meghalaya: Youth Congress slams James Sangma over CAB remarks


TURA | NOV 19, 2019:

The Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) slammed Home Minister, James PK Sangma for his comments on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill-2016.

Meghalaya: KSU leader accused of assaulting cops arrested


SHILLONG | Nov 18, 2019:

The KSU leader, Ferdynald Kharkamni, accused of assaulting cops last month, has been arrested by the Ri-Bhoi police today.

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