Despite the fact that they are unhealthy, we still stop by the roadside for alumuri or puchka. These vendors may seem unhygienic in their ways but they never fail to attract people passing by who don’t seem to care standing by the roadside on a busy road to enjoy the taste of these junk food. No doubt they are exceptionally lip-smacking and here are 10 favorite junk food Shillong people eat.

Alu muri


Who is that guy that everyone is patient enough to get close to him? Of course it’s the Alu muri man; many people from students to stylish youths and even elderly people don’t mind to taste the alumuri. The combination of boiled potatoes and muri along with the mixture of other spices definitely excites our taste-buds.

Pani puri


The crunchy puri filled with a mixture of flavored water which is made from tamarind chutney, chat masala, potatoes and onions is mouth watering enough to keep you asking for more.



Symbolize by the sound of the tingling bell, everybody runs to buy chana which is a mixture of a variety of chanas with onions, chilies and salt.The exact snack you would want on a Sunday evening.



One of India’s favorite snacks, it is sold in every junk food stall. Eaten best while it’s hot with chutney.



Hot steam Momos are sold in every fast food corners. I bet we all agree that momos are tastier in the streets rather than in the restaurant.

Boiled egg


Egg is a breakfast diet but we are still attracted to the one sold in the streets; properly fried in oil and turmeric. It changes to an attractive red color and tastes even more better.

Alu chop


Alu Chop is another favorite food found in every fast food corners and the grab of many hungry stomachs.

Alu Chana


Alu Chana is a mixture of several chanas like chick peas, peanuts, matar chana, potatoes and an addition of a rich gravy which is a mixture of potatoes and other several spices.

Fried capsicum


A vegetable in name, capsicum is however a snack for the Indians. Fried with besan flour, the hot veggie combine with chutney surely explodes in your mouth.

Kachha Chana


Raw chanas like chickpeas, matar chanaare soaked in water overnight and eaten just like that. They are mixed with onions and chilies for a better taste. Though sold in the streets, it is said that it has many health benefits.

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