From Our Correspondent | Tura, Sept 15, 2018: 

Irked over alleged apathy showed by the government towards the people of Williamnagar, a conglomeration of NGOs served a 15-day ultimatum to the district administration to complete work on a over decade old incomplete bridge on the outskirts of the town in East Garo Hills.

A conglomeration of NGOs including the GSU, FAF, AIGU and ICFS has threatened to resort to agitations if their demands are not met by Sep 28. Their demand include completion of work on the bridge (Rongap) in Baiza. The memorandum to this effect was submitted to the deputy commissioner (Incharge) of EGH, SK Marak on September 13.

“This bridge has remained the same for close to a decade despite the main work on the bridge being completed many years ago. It is now becoming a joke for all because despite the fact that only the earthwork remaining, there is literally no progress,” said AIGU general secretary, TD Shira.

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According to locals, after close to a decade of inactivity, earth filling for one section of the bridge had begun last year though the other section remains untouched. The sanction for the bridge is quite old and most remember it of being over a decade since the bridge was started.

“The non completion of the bridge is causing tremendous hardships to the locals and God forbid something happens to the temporary one, the entire town stands to be cut off from the rest of Garo Hills,” added the NGOs in the memo.

“We request the concerned department to look into the matter seriously and complete the bridge within 15 days from the time of submission of this memo or we will be forced to launch an agitation on the matter,” added the memo by the NGOs.



The NGOs have also decided to hold a meeting on the matter on Sep 28 to look at agitational options if the work was not completed as per their demands.

The Rongap bridge is the second of its kind in Williamnagar which has taken ages to complete after the Simsang bridge took a mind boggling 33 years to complete. The Simsang bridge was opened to public a few years ago despite work on the bridge starting in the 1980s.



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