TURA | June 23, 2019:

Yet another kidnapping case has been reported in Garo Hills region of Meghalaya where two construction workers from Assam were allegedly abducted from near a construction site in Jengjal in West Garo Hills on June 16.

The duo was allegedly kidnapped by persons who came to their camp in a motor cycle.

One of the kidnapped persons, however ‘escaped’ the clutches of his ‘abductors’ in a case that the police are treading on very cautiously.

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According to police sources, the incident took place in the construction site of the new BSF camp being set up about 3-4 kms inside Jengjal. On the fateful night, two Garo youths on a motorcycle came to the camp and took the two workers as well as a motorcycle belonging to one of the construction workers.

“They came on a bike and were not even masked and had no weapons on them. They asked the two to go with them and they went. We are yet to ascertain as to what happened and why there was no resistance if it was indeed a kidnapping,” said superintendent of police, WGH, Dr MGR Kumar.

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Interestingly, one of the kidnapped workers, identified as 21 year old Jiadur Rehman from Lakhipur in Assam was able to ‘escape’ the clutches of his abductors the next day, June 17. He reached home that same afternoon as per reports available.

The phone number of the second abductee, Shahadud Ali (30) was put on surveillance.

“The number has been constantly on the move. Sometimes it is active in Dadenggre, sometimes in Hatsingimari. Our search for him continues,” said Dr Kumar.

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Interestingly, an FIR on the abduction was only registered by the family members of Ali yesterday, June 21, at the Jengjal PS.

Police have not identified any suspect as yet on the ‘kidnap’ of Ali and the identity of the two people who were responsible for the abduction have been identified.

Police have been wary of the case in the aftermath of another resident from Mankachar, Assam, falsely registering himself as being kidnapped in conjunction with the driver of the vehicle he came into Garo Hills with under Dalu PS. Both the driver and the Assam resident were arrested for fabricating the abduction story.


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