Tura, November 18,2017: The concept of collective punishment that has now become the norm of the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL) has ensured that at least 3 villages in Garobadha under Rangsakona constituency is currently without electricity after their transformer malfunctioned more than 2 months ago.

The villages of Golmangre, Nokatgre, Dopatchigre and Chisergre are all under darkness for varying amounts of  time and are unlikely to see repairs done by the department soon. While the transformer of Golmangre malfunctioned on May 20, Nokatgre has been without electricity since 3 July, Dopatchigre since Aug 18 and Chiseregre since Aug 29.

The villages too have outstanding bills most of which have not been paid, with MeECL demanding at least 30% of the outstanding amount for restoration of electricity. Only one village, Chisregre has made the mandatory payment of over 30% of the outstanding though despite their efforts, electricity is yet to arrive.

One village, Mukdangra has an outstanding of over Rs 5 lakhsof which only an amount of Rs 5132 was paid.

“I have paid my bills but I am still being punished by MeECL for the bills of my neighbours. It is the department’s fault for not punishing defaulters but why punish genuine customers,” asked one of the affected villagers.

The MeECL has also been blamed for laziness leading to bills getting bigger due to customers not getting bills delivered on time.

“This is really pathetic and the MeECL needs to look into the matter closely. The worst affected are children who have their annual exams nearby and no electricity to help them during the evenings and nights. They should restore the transformers and cut the lines of defaulters,” said Garobadha GHSMC chairman, Ryan Marak, who is also a resident of Chisregre.

Meanwhile upon being contacted, the local MLA and minister, Zenith Sangma, said the matter was being looked into and a solution expected soon. However until then these 4 villages are still looking at more nights of darkness in the coming months.

The MeECL however could not be contacted on the matter.

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