From Our Correspondent, Shillong News | Tura, February 4, 2018

Rising instances of unemployment has become a cause of worry in the state as youth are migrating to other parts of the country in large numbers in search of employment. However this has increased instances of scamsters and fraudsters who take advantage of innocent young people and lure them into leaving their family in order to cheat them off their money.

In what may be termed as s similar instance, a 23-year-old youth from the town of Tura had gone missing since the month of April last year, with desperate parents now seeking all forms of assistance to help locate their missing son.

Meghalaya: Lured into job, Tura youth missing for almost a year; desperate parents seek help

According to the parents of the victim, Rakchak Marak had left their house on April 17 last year without informing them, possibly with another person who lured him with a job. The worried parents waited for their son for three days before lodging a missing report at the Araimile beathouse in Tura.

The family lives in the Matchakolgre locality in the town of Tura.

Rakchak however contacted his parents on the 5th day informing them that he was in Mumbai and was earning a livelihood working in hotels in the city while also continuing his studies. However after that day, there was no further contact between the victim and his worried family.

The family however once tried to contact the number from where the call was last made by Rakchak only to be told by the owner of the number that he was not there and  there was no details on his whereabouts.

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“He did not come despite his assurances and we continued to wait for more than a month into the new year for him, but he is yet to come or even contact,” said Mebilinda Marak, the mother of the victim.

“He did not have any form of ID with him when he left the house which suggests that he may have been taken by force or even drugged and those behind him going to Mumbai are trying their best to ensure the police don’t come into the picture. We just want the boy to be found and reunited with his family,” said Silning D Sangma, a member of Achik Youth Council (AYC) who was contacted by the parents.

The parents have also contacted the Mumbai Achik Youth Association (MAYA) on the matter in an effort to locate their son and MAYA is currently trying to assist the family through their own network. However no breakthrough has been achieved as yet in locating Rakchak.

“We just want him back with us and ask all to help unite our son with us,” appealed the mother while adding that if anyone had any information on their son could contact the number 9856474898.



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