TURA | Aug 22, 2019:

A woman has accused a doctor working in the Tura Civil Hospital of rape, a complaint of which was submitted in Ampati police station, two days ago, on Aug 20.

It was informed that the accused doctor is apparently absconding. The doctor is a resident of Tura while the woman in question is from the district of SWGH.

The doctor accused by the woman of rape has been identified as Dr Arun Sangma.

Not Rape if woman has physical relationship with breach of promise to get married: SC

According to the complaint, the woman had been in a long term relationship with the doctor. The relationship apparently was on the promise of marriage, which the doctor had promised the woman.

However when he backtracked from the promise made, the woman filed case against her, and as per the latest judgment of Supreme Court, the same tantamounts to rape.

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“We are going by the SC judgment and are treating this as a case of rape. Based on the complaint, we have tried to apprehend the doctor, but he is currently absconding. A search for the accused is currently on,” confirmed Rithuraj Ravi, the superintendent of police, SWGH.


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