Shillong, November 15,2017 : In an intriguing interaction with Mr. Nilaj Mahalanavis, Circle Business Head and Damanbha Lato, the network head of Aircel, one of the leading mobile service provider in North East India, it was apparent and clearly evident that Aircel is indeed a provider of the best value for money propositions. Mr. Nilaj explained Aircel’s pocket friendly propositions that not only add value to a customer’s needs, but also encourage the use of mobile services across all strata of society.

Mr. Nilaj also talked about the company’s humble beginning twelve years ago in North East. He claimed that the company is known for the far and wide network it offers in North East especially in Meghalaya where the company have around 7 lakh subscribers.

“We are very proud of the facts that we as a brand have been associated with the people of the North East for over 12 years. As a company we have evolved with the blessings of the people from this region. It is a matter of pride that the people of the region have trusted our services and have been instrumental in making Aircel one of the most formidable brands in the region. My colleagues, Aircel’s partners and I thrive on this trust bestowed upon us by the people of this region and have built it into our DNA to continue offering the best in class services to the people of the North East in general and the people of Meghalaya in particular”, said Nilaj Mahalanavis, during the interaction.

During the question answer session, Mr Nilaj addressed the rumours about the shutting down of Aircel, he condemned the rumour by tagging it as baseless, and he went on categorically denying that this rumour is being spread with maleficent intention. He assured that Aircel will remain a very strong service provider in the market. He termed the bringing down of price tariffs as a proactive action to be in the competitive market and welcomed the competitors to match the prices of Aircel. He agreed that the closure of Reliance services also added to the customer flow into Aircel through Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and the process is ongoing.  While addressing the question on weak mobile network in border areas of the state, Mr. Nilaj Mahalanavis and Mr. Damanbha Lato made it clear that any private service provider’s signal must fade or has to become un-operational 500 metres ahead of the border post according to the ruling of Indian Government. They also assured that there network is the best especially in rural areas even though it is difficult to setup towers in rural areas due to various local issues. Mr. Damanbha Lato took the opportunity to request the media to spread awareness among the people that there is no need to be worried about any kind of radiation due to telecom towers. He guaranteed that telecom towers are very safe and hopes that this knowledge will help them strengthen their service in the state. Even though Aircel is planning a shift into 4G technology , Mr. Nilaj states that the quality of current 3G services provided by Aircel is equivalent to services provided by competitors with latest technology in market at present.

Thus the pleasant interaction proves that Aircel’s unlimited and lucrative propositions are a big hit amongst its loyal subscribers and lives up to the company’s promise to always do a little extra.

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