SHILLONG | June 22, 2019:

The judicial magistrate, Dari G. Kharshiing did not grant the bail petition of the American humanitarian worker, Theodore Moallem (Dr Ted) which was moved before her court today.

The bail petition was moved by two lawyers – Ms JB Kharbhih and Satyendra Kumar Joshi. The judicial magistrate had sought for the report from the Investigating Officer (IO) of the case. The bail petition of Dr Ted will again be moved by the two lawyers on Monday at 11 am.

“We are hopeful that the bail order will be passed tomorrow,” Impulse Network NGO CEO, Hasina Kharbhih, who is helping Dr Ted to file the bail petition, said.

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It may be mentioned that the American aid worker is currently admitted in the UTP medical ward at the Shillong Civil Hospital. Dr Ted was arrested on Saturday following an FIR filed by one Rani Kharsyntiew, who is also the magistrate, with the accusation that he had molested, abused and manhandled her.

Meanwhile, Kharbhih told that the team from IIM Ahmedabad, who was working Dr Ted, has arrived in Shillong on Sunday adding that they have come to support the American aid worker.

Interestingly, Impulse NGO Network CEO informed that the police are yet to register a case on the two counter FIRs filed by the Blind Lead Trust and the American Humanitarian Aid Worker. “Although we have the official copy which the police had received. I hope that the police are not doing this due to the pressure from the top,” she said. Kharbhih also said that the police are yet to record her statement and two of her team members, who were witness to the episode which had occurred on June 20.

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Earlier, while talking to a group of reporters, husband of Rani, who had filed an FIR against Dr Ted, Oris Jala said that he (Dr Ted) had trespassed into their property by switching on the water pump on his own without informing them.

“My wife and my mother-in-law had gone down to ask him why he had gone upstairs to switch on the water pump without their permission. He (Dr Ted) reacted in a very bad way and started to abuse my wife. I came down when I heard my wife telling him why did he touch her. Being the husband, I had to intervene into this. He did not reply when I asked why he touched my wife. Instead, he just bang his head on my nose and then give two punches on my mouth. I was black out totally after this. But I still tried to protect my wife and my mother-in-law by pushing him back,” Jala said.

He said that if he was a respected person then the American should have them to resolve the matter amicably.

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When asked about the allegations leveled by the American aid worker against his wife accusing her of kicking and hitting him with a laptop, Jala said that any woman would react if any person tries to abuse and manhandle her. The husband of Rani said that he (Dr Ted) had used abusive languages like f**k off to him, his wife and mother-in-law.

“There is no truth in his statement that we went down with the intention to abuse the visually impaired people or the American,” he added. When asked about the water problem, Jala said that the water problem was already resolved about two months back. “Yes there was water shortage when there was a load shedding and when the city was facing with the problem of water scarcity. But now this problem is no longer there. We are distributing enough water for all our tenants,” he added.

Meanwhile, a volunteer of the Blind Lead Trust (BLT), a non-profit organisation, alleged that he (Dr Ted) was assaulted by the landlord.

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According to her, the landlord and her daughter had questioned the American aid worker for trespassing into their property by going upstairs to switch on the water pump without informing them.

The volunteer said that he (Dr Ted) told them that he had to go up to press the water pump button since they needed water. “We begged them (landlord) not to quarrel. But they refused and continued to abuse the American aid worker, who had come to support them,” she said.

According to her, he (Dr Ted) was forced to react after the house owner and the daughter wanted to take a picture of the room of the three visually impaired. “While preventing them to take photos, the American aid worker mistakenly touched the hand of the landlord’s daughter’s. It was at this point that the husband of the magistrate came and all three started assaulting Ted by kicking him while he was lying on the ground. The house owner even picked up the heater with the intention of hitting him. But we managed to stop her,” the volunteer added.

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Earlier, Kharbhih said they heard a huge commotion on June 20 and when they went down, they saw Dr Ted was hurt and others were begging the landlords not to hurt him. “Rani allegedly took food from the kids and threw it on their faces. She held the American Aid worker and pushed him,” Kharbhih added. “As a person who witnessed the incident, it was Rani who was throwing the laptop and the food of visually impaired on the American aid worker. But unfortunately he was taken into custody in view of the FIR that was filed by Rani that he had molested and beaten her,” Impulse NGO Network said.

It may be mentioned that the magistrate and her mother owns a five-storeyed building in the Lachumiere area of the city in which the ground floor was rented out to Blind Lead Trust and three blind persons were occupying the rented rooms.


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