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The Editor
The Shillong News

Respected Editor,

The 2nd of November marks a day of reminiscence and memory for most Christians as we  collectively remember our loved ones and pray for their departed souls.

Prior to All Soul’s Day, my family, like any other Catholic family, makes a visit to the cemetery  grounds of the Catholic Church to do some required “cleaning” – pulling out weeds and bushes that
may have grown on our loved one’;s grave and painting the graves when needed.

This ritual has served as the one sole consolation to not paying attention to our family’s ‘dear
departed souls’ all year.

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This year, too, I had taken a break off work to help my mother clean up my siblings’ graves in time
for All Soul’s Day.

When we got to the grave at Nongthymmai, we were shocked to find that my siblings’ graves were
nowhere to be seen. Granted, their graves are small but I don’t believe they are too small for our
eyes to see.

After having investigated the situation, we found out that the graves had thorned branches and
bushes all around them. The little pathways to the graves were also strewn with such plants, making it difficult for people to navigate to the graves.

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This has prompted us to not only clean the graves but also the entire pathway leading to them.

While the maintenance of our family’s graves is indeed our duty, a yearly cleaning drive by the
Church authorities would help a lot of people who had to do a lot more work than they bargained

Given the fact that we are required to pay a certain amount of money as a cemetery fee every
year, it cannot be too much to ask for.

We would, of course, be solely responsible for the maintenance of our respective graves while the
Church authorities would be responsible for cleaning the cemetery grounds.

A concerned citizen



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