By Naphilakmen Syiemlieh | April 22, 2018

Dear Narrow-minded Heartless Men,

This is a humble letter from an adventurous girl, a girl with dreams, a girl with a vision, a girl with pride, a girl who longs for freedom. A girl just like your mother who carried you nine months and endured pain while bringing you up to this world. A girl like your sister, daughter, wife and grandmother. This girl longs for freedom, freedom that is hers but, taken away and snatched away by the news every day on the newspaper.

One day after another, hoping to see some hopeful thing on the front page but, that has become just a dream. Situation’s getting worse day after day. While we are fighting for our freedom, looks like someone, somewhere gains more encouragement to add more dark colours to our life.


Just because of caste, religion and culture, you have made us your target. We, innocent souls, are being targeted for the silliest reason. Shouldn’t we celebrate and feel proud that we live in a rich country? What more should we feel proud about now than, a country that disrespects women!

We are tired of waking up every single day to the most painful and fearful news. We want to live life. We want freedom. We have just this one life and we want to make the best of it but we can’t. The fear you have planted in us has destroyed our dreams and aspirations. Our soul which was once adventurous has now been clouded with fear.

We just want your respect. Please, with the most fearful heart we request you to respect us. We are humans too! Humans just like you, humans with brain, heart and soul, humans with thousands of dreams and aspirations. Humans who just want to live life to the fullest. Please treat us with respect and hear our cry for freedom!

Yours Respectfully,
An innocent, fearful Shillong girl

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