SHILLONG, April 23, 2018: Metropolis Asia in collaboration with Meghalaya Fine Arts and Crafts Society launched a two-day initiative on April 21, which took place on Sunday, April 22, deemed worldwide as World Earth Day.

Shillong, thereby, became the first city in the Northeast to launch a campaign to create awareness about climate change through art on the occasion of World Earth Day.

The first day of the event saw several young people in Jeebon Roy Art Institute with their brushes and canvases taking part in an effort to increase awareness of the threats that face our planet.

The organisers stated that this step has been taken by Metropolis Asia and Meghalaya Fine Arts and Crafts Society with the hope that students, of not only Jeebon Roy Art Institute but across the state, will learn to join hands towards achieving a cleaner and greener earth.

“Besides, it is also an effort to make them learnt that in order to save our planet a collaborative effort is very much needed. It is quite a known fact that we human beings are depleting our planet is every possible way however unfortunately not doing a bit to replenish it. Thus, efforts to save our Mother Nature have become a need of the hour,” they added.

Further speaking about the artwork, they said, “The distinctive feature in this artwork is that the students have only used old newspapers as raw material for making the collage. The idea behind it is to adopt the principle of the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Also, the emphasis has been laid to keep the campaign Plastic Free.

The second day of the event, being World Earth Day, saw art exhibits carrying the presiding theme of protecting Mother Nature installed at various locations in the city like Police Bazaar, Laitumkhrah, Laban, Golf link and Don Bosco Square.

“We have used different types of trash including used plastic wastes on a very large scale because our endeavour is to put across a strong message to the people and that is to ‘Stop Plastering Earth Before It Gets Too Late’” informed the organisers.

The event concluded with much aplomb and the organisers hope that their messages on the negative effects of climate change and the importance of a cleaner Earth has passed through to the minds of the young people.

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Image Courtesy: Project Trust


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