TNT News | June 1, 2019

A trader from a nearby town of Hat Singimari in Assam is suspected to have been kidnapped after he failed to return to the vehicle he brought to bring back goods from Meghalaya’s Dimapara under Dalu PS in West Garo Hills.


According to information received, Shamsul Haque travelled near the village of Dimapara bordering the SGH district along with a driver for the betel he was to bring from Meghalaya. Haque, who apparently knew two bike borne persons who came to receive him informed the driver that he would go with them to check the goods and then return for the driver.


“He however did not return and we suspect that the case could be one of kidnapping. The driver returned but when Haque, did not return, he informed others. A search operation has been launched for the driver though there has been no trace of him so far. We suspect the case could be one of kidnapping,” said superintendent of police, in-charge, Dalton Marak.

Early last month, a trader and another driver, were waylaid under the same police station (Dalu) where they were allegedly murdered after being looted by a criminal gang that lured them with betel nut business promises. While the trader’s body was found the next day, the body of the driver was found a few days later. 3-4 criminals were arrested in the previous case after a breakthrough made by WGH police.


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