TURA | Jan 12, 2019:

The Achik Youth Welfare Organization (AYWO) on Saturday expressed solidarity with all the NGOs of Northeast agitating against the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Denounced the Bill after its passage in the Lok Sabha, the AYWO stated “The recent development in parliament and subsequent passing of CAB 2019, has breached the secular fabric of India and invaded our personal space for their own political benefit.”

“From time immemorial, the tribes of NE India are self governed, independent and are proud of our culture, tradition and languages. Despite these uniqueness, the central government has proved that they don’t care about the well being of NE. They passed the Bill without consulting us as stakeholders. We refuse to be minority in our own homeland,” said AYWO publicity secretary, Lyiend Roshan Marak.

The AYWO referred to history where even during the British era, the desire to live independently was recognized and laws were introduced including ILP.

“Their act clearly indicates that they have a little or no care for North Eastern people,” added the NGO.

Questioning the PM, Narendra Modi’s assurance that the CAB would not affect the NE was also questioned by the NGO.

“If it is the matter of safety and security for the NE people, then, why did JPC fail to visit all North Eastern states except Barak Valley, Guwahati and Shillong? Why did they not seek consensus of the indigenous tribes of NE? Why this incomplete report?” asked the NGO.

The AYWO further sought unity among all of the NE states in the opposition to the CAB, 2016.

“To show solidarity with Entire NE, we will hold a poster campaign on the theme ‘Save NE, Save Garo Hills’ in the town of Tura and invited all to be a part of it,” it added.


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