TDS has the abbreviation as Total Dissolved Solids. This refers to the total amount of dissolved solids in any liquid inclusive of water in a suspended, micro-granular, ionized and molecular configuration which could prove beneficial in many ways. The water is examined for the total dissolved solids, i.e. TDS. Do not consider the water as unsafe because of the presence of the total dissolved solids.

It’s known to everyone that a TDS check machine is the most effective product, thanks to testing the standard of your beverage. Best known by other names like TDS sensor or TDS tester or digital TDS machine, these devices offer you the entire Dissolved Solvent level, i.e. (the contamination level) in the water.Acquiring the TDS reading of your municipal water or groundwater supply through government organizations isn’t a simple task. In this case, buying the simplest TDS meter for water testing is an ideal choice.

The economical budget and its daily usage to enhance the standard of water make it a worthy investment. So, if you are in a rush, here are our favourite choices. Hook with us to know more on this innovative device!

What is a TDS Meter?

A TDS meter may be a tool that indicates the quantity of total dissolved solids (TDS) within the water. The hand-held product estimates electrical conductivity (EC). EC concentration expands by the presence of ionized solids, i.e. salts and minerals. It does not ascertain dissolved organic solids as they do not influence the energy of the solvent.

Here are some critical notes on a TDS machine:

The readings are denoted in terms of PPM or parts per million.

It helps determine the TDS of your household reverse osmosis purifying system and borewell water, if that is your source of water.. Additionally, it also can assess the standard of water within the aquarium or swimming pools. The tool seems like a thermometer and features a digital screen to precise the reading.

They typically are advanced with a hold-function, which helps you stabilize and save the levels. Moreover, the facility on and off features assist you to conserve energy to increase battery life. Hence, you now have a reason to buy the best TDS meter in India!

How does the TDS meter works?

A question strikes the mind that the amount of dissolved salts in the water is obtained from a natural spring, industrial wastewater or water run-off? Even natural water consists of dissolved salts of minerals, solid salt and metals within the soil like sodium, potassium and iron and mixes with the water.

You then have the chemicals that are utilized to treat water because of the pipelines and other hardware attachments which contribute some amount of dissolved salts. The different sources of the water TDS meter include mineral springs, de-icing of snow, carbonate deposits like agricultural wastes. They are all sources of TDS. The TDS meter that appears sort of a thermometer is placed into the water to be tested.

Immediately the measurement sensors within the TDS meter start working, and you’ll receive a notification within 10 seconds, which can indicate the mineral content within the water. This will aid in determining the efficiency of the purification system of water and also decide what further treatment is required to scale back the concentration of minerals. Now that you know how a TDS meter works, let us inform you about some of the best TDS meters in India.

Best TDS Meter in India

AccuracyExtra FeaturesPrice
1. Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter±2%N/ACheck Price
2. Yuv’s Digital TDS Meter±2%ATC, Auto Lock, Auto offCheck Price
3. HM Digital Ap-2 Aqua Pro Water Quality Tester±2%EC & Temperature checkerCheck Price
4. Ionix Imported TDS Meter±2%N/ACheck Price
5. Wellon Pocket TDS Meter±2%Auto Shut off, temperature checkerCheck Price

1. Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter


  • Weighs 18 Grams
  • Colourful and Appealing
  • Accompanied by a Carrying Case
  • Clear Display
  • Affordable 


  • Quality Issues

We begin our list of the best TDS meter in India with the Generic Digital meter. The TDS water meter comprises a protective cap. It is designed with an on-off switch in the meter.

The reading displayed has to be multiplied by 10 to attain the concluding reading. It is endowed with temperature measurements.

The TDS meters are often utilized in filters and water purifiers also as for observing hydroponics, aquariums, spas, and pools. The TDS meter is endowed with a hold-function also as built-in temperature measurement.

It is about 3cm in height, accompanied by a case. This is a digital TDS meter examiner for examining the purity of water. This item is often utilized in water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) drink quality monitoring, pools, spas, aquariums and hydroponic.

The product goes with a Hold Function and a Built-in digital thermometer for measuring temperature. It also includes a carrying case. It comes with a highly affordable TDS meter price. Another plus point!

2. Yuv’s Digital TDS Meter


  • Excellent Quality Check
  • Auto On/Off
  • Affordable
  • Reliable Product


  • Unclear Display
  • No User Manual

Next on our list of the best TDS meters, we have the Yuv TDS Meter/Digital TDS Meter. This meter makes sure that the standard of water that your drink is pure enough to keep you healthy.

With the temperature monitoring system and because of the purity measurement, the TDS meter is one of the most preferred products for filtering water from the purifier.

You can check on the functioning of the water purifier, whether it’s working perfectly or not counting on the worth of the TDS within the purifier. To calculate the temperature using the meter, you only have to switch it on, and you can proceed to use it whenever you wish to.

Healthy water is now just a switch away! It retrenches the battery with its auto-shutoff feature and assures reliable results. The instant solutions help you save time without compromising on accuracy.

What customers admire about Yuv’s is

  1. High-quality
  2. Value for money
  3. Battery-saving feature

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3. HM Digital Ap-2 Aqua Pro Water Quality Tester


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Accurate Reading
  • Durable
  • LCD Display
  • Sleek Model


  • Over Expensive

Though the merchandise is slightly costly compared to the different brand products, it sure is well worth the purchase. It provides precise and reliable results with its superior quality.

This is one among the first reasons that it is gaining consumer favouritism! It is one of the best TDS meter for drinking water. 

Here’s what it includes: A Water-resistant housing. An auto-off function. A low-battery indicator and a data-hold mechanism. With these features in hand, what more could you ask? The HM Digital AP-2 features a good-quality finish and modern look, which is ideal for your kitchenette.

It is often super useful for people that are conscious about the standard of water of their RO systems. It is also endowed with an Automatic Temperature compensation provision. The special features incorporate data-hold function, auto-off function and low- battery indicator.

The meter features an outsized LCD screen that’s huge to read the display. The size is 5.9 x 1.1 x .5 inches. It is a sleek and accurate tester which can be utilized in a hand-held manner.

4. Ionix Imported TDS Meter


  • TDS + Ph Meter Combo
  • Pre-Calibrated Meter
  • Precise Readings


  • Not Waterproof 

Ionix is another renowned brand when it involves the TDS radar. The brand ranks reliability and accuracy over everything else! That’s the best thing when you buy a TDS meter online.

That gives the customer the ultimate surety of the quality of the product. The best aspect of the merchandise is its user-friendly features.

You can use it without any hassle! Are you stuck on a limited budget and need something affordable yet high-quality? Ionix is the best to go for an option! It is aesthetic and features a very trendy appearance. It accompanies a battery that gives you every reason to be happy!

However, confine mind; you’ll need extra care when using the merchandise. It is not waterproof! The TDS meter is known for the accuracy of the readings. PH Testing strips accompany the TDS meter. It is the bestTDS meter onlinethat’s considered to be a knowledgeable testing meter. It comes with a carrying case and maybe a TDS meter and pH meter combo pack.

5. Hi-Tech TDS Meter


  • LCD Display
  • Auto Shut
  • Waterproof


  • Not very accurate

As the name suggests, it’s a water quality tester that’s easy to handle and use. It comes with an outsized LCD that makes it easier to acquire the reading.

The TDS meter is also embedded with a water temperature reading function. It comes with pore calibration to review the TDS in ppm.

It is ideal for checking different water origins and storage facilities. It is easy to handle and can be utilized effectively to examine the quality and purity of the water and also determine the effectualness of the water filter in use. You can also examine the hardness of the water using this meter. 

The Hi-Tech TDS Meter is amazing with the following:

  1. It is ideal for examining in areas like family drinking water, laboratories, fish tank, etc
  2. The digital TDS meter offers instant results.
  3. It is waterproof, which makes it safe-to-use.
  4. The auto-shutoff feature aids to save battery by extending the product life-span.
  5. However; the results are accurate only to 2% ppm.

6. Electomania Pocket Digital TDS Meter


  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • No Batteries Provided  

This is a digital TDS meter tester. For testing the filter water quality purity, you need to check the performance of your filter, check for hardness (1grain=17ppm), confirm you usually drink pure water.

The TDS meter features 100% new and top quality. This device is often utilized in water purifiers and filters, food and drinks quality monitoring, pools and spas, aquariums,

Hydroponics. The Hold-function saves measurements for convenient reading and recording. Auto-off function turns off meter after Ten minutes of non-use to conserve batteries. Dual range measures from 0-999ppm, with a resolution of 1ppm. 

(Note: Do not drown the entire TDS meter in water beyond the marked levels). This unit isn’t water-tight and isn’t covered under the warranty if water enters into it. The TDS meter weighs approximately 68 grams which is a bit heavier as compared to others in the list.

7. Generic Digital LCD TDS EC TEMP PPM Meter


  • Replaceable Battery
  • Easy to Handle
  • Clear Display
  • Accurate Reading 
  • Good Quality


  • Short Lifespan 

Generic Digital may be a high-end product designed to satisfy consumer needs. You can employ it for domestic as well as commercial uses to seek out the standard of water.

When switching from another brand, it’s the first product to think about if the budget isn’t a hindrance! It is one of the best TDS meters.

The temperature sensor is another advancement about the merchandise. It offers you a digital reading display, helping you obtain the specific temperature and has a superbly designed water-resistant body. The glossy exterior makes it pretty impressive. It helps you expose the sprawl of most of the companies and allows you to examine the production.

Moreover, the ‘auto power feature’ helps you conserve battery by limiting replacements. If you are tensed about your water’s hardness or quality, what you would like is that meter! The portable, hand-held tester gives you accurate measures of NaOH concentrations.

It helps you scrutinize the performance of filters and purifiers. The best feature that distinguishes Generic Digital from others is its incredible replaceable batteries. Initially, brands had designed products with *hard-to-find batteries. Once exhausted, the meters had to be cast-off.

However, with this feature, you save on money and effort by simply replacing the batteries.

How to choose the Best TDS Meter for Drinking Water in India

How to choose the Best TDS Meter for Drinking Water in India

Utilizing contaminated and hard water is not appropriate for the body. It can cause permanent damage to the skin and hair. Constant contact may lead to numerous health-related complications such as psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff and might also affect bone density. Using a good quality TDS checking machine acts as a saviour against all the odds. Scroll through our buying guide to know more on the features to keep in mind while buying one.

1. Technology

The recent advancement to technology is the microprocessor. It guarantees that the user gets accurate and reliable results. Many brand meters make use of the electrical conductivity measurements, which assess the existence of electrolytes. Hence, it becomes crucial to opt for advanced technologies. They employ a few principles and conversions to ensure accuracy. It is also vital so that the meter gives a measure of toxic metals and chemicals present within the water.

2. Battery Feature

Batteries play a vital part in the life of this tool. Extensively running the merchandise will exhaust its battery life. It means you’ll have to buy another meter shortly after your use. However, to extend the longevity of the merchandise, the meters accompany battery-saving features. By shutting off automatically, they save energy, increasing battery life. That makes TDS checking machines cost-effective too!

3. Budget

Another major determinant is the price tag. A higher price tag does not always mean high-quality. The majority of the medium-priced products work just as well as the high-end ones. Take the budget into consideration when finding out the TDS meter. Hence, it is important to stay wise while purchasing over expensive as well as cheap TDS meters.

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TDS testers are handy in checking if your purifier is functioning to its best ability. It also ensures the water you’re consuming is healthy or not. Considering its efficiency and customer-friendly features, any and every one of you can use it. While they don’t precisely measure TDS, the electrical conductivity measurement is additionally a reliable way.

You can determine the standard of water within the aquarium or swimming bath and also of the reverse osmosis system reception. The tool can help increase the lifespan of your purifiers. With a TDS meter at hand, you’ll be ready to estimate changes and replacements timely.


PPM may be a measure of TDS and stands for parts per million. It means, your meter will mostly provide you with a reading of, for instance, 200 ppm of total dissolved solids.

Accuracy becomes very important with a tool like TDS meter. In terms of conductivity, readings as low as zero is much preferred. Most devices contain minimum and maximum ranges as an expression of TDS detection. Since they measure electrical conductivity, the results are never accurate. However, they are pretty close to the actual measure.

A typical TDS meter is accurate to plus/minus 2 %. With a ppm of 1000, you’ll determine the accuracy by multiplying 1000 with 0.2. It means the results are typically different from 20 ppm.

The tool seems like a thermometer and features a digital screen to precise the reading. Read our article to get a brief update on the question. To know further, click the link below.

With its amazing design and build, the TDS-3 is an ideal meter (tool) which can be used for any application; to begin with water purification, to hydroponics to industrial wastewater treatment. It is available in a black vinyl carrying case, which protects it when carried in a toolbox.

The TDS meter that appears sort of a thermometer is placed into the water to be tested. Immediately the measurement sensors within the TDS meter start working, and you’ll receive a notification within 10 seconds, which can indicate the mineral content within the water.

This will help in determining the effectualness of the purification system that’s in situ for water and also determine what further treatment is required to scale back the concentration of minerals.

It has been terminated that the intake of low TDS water, present or received from a treatment process, doesn’t end in harmful effects to the physical body.

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