RESUBELPARA | Sep 21, 2019:

The North Garo Hills Police has decided to investigate further into the death of a 32-yr-old victim of witch hunting, Sengra Marak following suspicions of the act being one of unnatural death.

The body of Marak was exhumed yesterday (Sep 20) in the presence of a district magistrate.

Marak, who was suffering from illness, allegedly lost his life after unidentified villagers tried to exorcise the ‘ghost’ that had apparently possessed him.


The sordid incident took place in the village of Dobakkol under Bajengdoba police station in North Garo Hills district of Meghalaya, late on Saturday, Sep 14 with the victim losing his life the next morning.

According to sources, the victim had been suffering for some time with fever and apparently was blabbering incoherently in pain. Ignorant villagers, seeing his condition believed Marak to be possessed and instead of taking him to a nearby hospital called a traditional medicine man ‘ojha’ to exorcise the ghost from within his body.

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The victim was apparently kept under a mosquito net to keep the spirit in check while he was beaten to try and get the ghost out of his body, despite the critical condition of the victim. The victim allegedly succumbed to his injuries on Sunday morning, Sep 15.

While there were claims by the villagers of the victim dying a natural death, videos and photos of Sengra prior to his death suggested otherwise. Following the circulation of the videos and photos of the victim on social media, NGH police decided to investigate further.


Interestingly no case has been registered by the victim’s family or fiancé. Sengra was due to be married soon.

“A post mortem was conducted on the spot and we are awaiting the results. Action in the case will follow after we get the results of the medical examination,” confirmed superintendent of police, NGH, Billy Graham Marak.


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