SHILLONG | December 3, 2019:

The State Government of Meghalaya, has decided to increase the tariff rate of the local and tourist taxis in the State.

Talking to reporters after the Cabinet meeting on Monday, Home Minister, James PK Sangma said that they have decided to raise the fare after taking into account the hike in the price of the essential commodities.

Informing that the taxi fare was fixed at T.15.50 paisa in 2011 for every kilometer, Sangma said that the Government will hike the taxi fare to Rs 18 per kilometer adding that for every additional 100 kilometer, Rs 200 additional amount would be charge for vehicle with air condition.

Home Minister also informed that the Government has decided to raise the tariff of the tourist taxi from Rs 22 per kilometer to Rs 26 per kilometer and Rs 13 for every additional kilometer. According to him, the passenger will have to pay Rs 7 for every 5 minute for holding the taxi.

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“The local taxi should carry passenger as per the capacity. Anyone who violates will be penalised as per the law,” Sangma added.

Meanwhile, the State Government has also increased the room rent of the Meghalaya Houses at  New Delhi, Kolkata, Vellore and Guwahati since the last revision of the rate was done in 2011.

“We have decided to raise the room rent since the maintenance cost has gone up besides the electricity and telephone bills,” Home Minister said.

He said that they have decided to raise the room of the government officials who are on official tour to Rs 200. “At the same time, the room rent for government officials who are on non-official tour to Rs 300,” Sangma said.

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Home Minister further informed that the government employees who are going for medical treatment outside would have to pay Rs 300 for the room rent after producing the certificate which was certified by the Government that such treatment are not available in the State.

Meanwhile, he said that the general public who wants to stay in the Meghalaya House would have to pay Rs 1550 if one person is occupying for the double bed room adding that if the double room is shared by more than one person then the room rent will be Rs 1050 per head.


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