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5 facts about Meghalaya freedom fighter U Kiang Nangbah you should know

U Kiang Nangbah,

FACTS | December 30, 2019:

Here are the facts you need to know about U Kiang Nangbah.

#1. U Kiang Nangbah was a freedom fighter from Meghalaya who led an uprising against the British.

#2. U Kiang Nangbah was born to Ka Rimai Nangbah at Tpeppale in Jowai. When the British annexed the Jaintia Kingdom in the year 1835, it is said that he was a child which is why the exact date of birth is not known.

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#3. The brave U Kiang Nangbah led an uprising against the British and was hanged by the British publicly at Iawmusiang in Jowai, West Jaintia Hills district on 30 December 1862.

#4. In the year 1967, a government college was also opened in Jowai to honour this brave warrior.

#5. A postage stamp was issued by Government of India to commemorate him in 2001.



Facts you should know about Meghalaya’s noted philanthropist, (L) Honsen Lyngdoh


By Our Correspondent, TNT News | SHILLONG, Jan 23, 2018: 

Noted entrepreneur and philanthropist from Meghalaya, Honsen Lyngdoh breathed his last on Tuesday morning in Super Care Hospital at the age of 82 years after a prolonged illness.

Five facts you should know about Behdienkhlam

Jowai, July 03, 2018: 

As the Pnar community in Jaintia Hills,Meghalaya prepares to celebrate their annual cultural festival,one of the biggest festivals in Meghalaya, here is a reminder of what this festival means and why is it so important to the faithful of the indigenous faith of the Pnars –Niam Tre.

5 reasons why you should visit Double Decker Root Bridge in Meghalaya this winter!


Far from the madding crowd, away from the mental chaos is a place called Nongriat in Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. One of the few places, probably in the world, that offers a perfect balance of serene atmosphere, natural ecosystem, a traditional and a simple lifestyle and a very basic infrastructure.  Meghalaya is a preferred gateway to a plethora of picturesque trekking destinations covered in greenery, surrounded by lush mountains, stretches of pine forests, numerous waterfalls, caves and rapid streams. This beautiful region has many waterfalls and rivers, which please your eyes and keep the aura soothing. Trekking in such a beautiful environment is a different experience, which allures tourists from far-flung areas.

5 Facts: Dare to break the customary rules of the Sacred Groves of Meghalaya!


If one knows about the tradition of the indigenous tribes of Meghalaya, they would also know about the significance of their faith and their belief in mythological characters.

However, with the advent of modernisation, this belief and faith seems to have been over shadowed by science and the so-called ‘logical explanation of things’.

Interestingly, despite all the threats and challenges, the indigenous faith continues to thrive with the existence of some relics which even science cannot explain.

The perfect example for the same can be drawn from the depths of the Sacred Groves in Meghalaya.

It might sound scary, weird and mysterious. But the fact remains that till date, people don’t dare flout these sets of rules for their own benefits fearing punishment of all sorts from their God of the land –‘U Ba-sa Ryngkew’.

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