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Who is a ‘True Christian’?

By Ibankyntiew Mawrie | April 20, 2019:

He came to this world to wash away our sins; He died on the cross so that we can live; He was betrayed, tortured and crucified all because He loves us; His victory over evil is what kept our faith alive as believers across the world acknowledge the fact that He died and rose again – his name is Jesus Christ.

The Coal Mining Saga: Unfolding a Socio, Economic & Political Game

By Mayborn Lyngdoh R | Jan 03, 2018:

The genesis –

Coal mining wasn’t always productive despite being lucrative. Most of the revenue disappear in the form of black money not to mention the harmful effects on the environment. Many fresh water resources have been polluted and most lands have turned barren.

Year-ender 2018: What makes headlines in Meghalaya this year

By Ibankyntiew Mawrie | Dec 27, 2018:

From the fall of the ‘Mighty Congress’ to the rise of a new Government; from landmark decisions to controversial bills; from granting freedom to a cop-turned militant to thumping a final nail on the GNLA’s coffin; from violent protests to weeks without internet; from brutal attacks to tragic accidents, Meghalaya has seen it all.

A lot has happened in the past one year — the ‘abode of Clouds’ — Meghalaya witnessed not only changes but was also reminded of the grim days when the Pine City was subjected to curfews, internet shutdown, flag marches and law and order failure.

Meet Meghalaya’s ‘Rainbow Lady’ Marchie Sangma who has made India proud in South Africa


Marchie Sangma, now known as the Rainbow lady has made Northeast India proud with her recent feat after she won the South Africa Rainbow Nation Pageant. TNT-The Northeast Today brings to you an interbiew with the lady from Meghalaya who represented India in the South Africa Rainbow Nation Pageant. Who is she? Where is she from? Well calm down! Because we are here with all the facts you need to know about this mystery girl.

26-yr-old Marchie M. Sangma hails from Tura, Meghalaya. Marchie is the youngest daughter among her siblings. Beautiful, energetic, charming, passionate are few words to partially describe the lady, who with her colors of rainbow grabbed the attention of thousands across the globe.

She says,“I truly from the core of my heart thank you all. For the support, encouragement and faith towards me”.

Here is an exclusive with Marchie M. Sangma

TNT: Tell us about your childhood days?

Marchie Sangma: I never missed Sunday schools, I enjoyed a lot by playing with friends and I am grateful to God to give a happy childhood life to me.

TNT: As a kid, did you aspire to become a model someday?

Marchie Sangma: Well, I do not remember much about my thoughts when I was a kid… However I still had some vibes in me which resulted to my success today.

TNT: How did the idea of modeling come into your mind?

Marchie Sangma: Modeling was my passion so I gave a thought on to it and hence I am pretty much enjoying it.

TNT: When you were crowned as Miss Rainbow in SA, how was the feeling?

Marchie Sangma: It was awesome and a tremendous feeling for me as I couldn’t believe that among the entire contestants, I was crowned as Miss Rainbow Nations. It was really a very emotional as well as proud feeling thinking that at least I got something for my country by representing India.

TNT: Tell us about your education, academic pursuits so far?

Marchie Sangma: Little Flower School Dadenggre, Mother’s Union School Tura, Tura Govt. College, Travel and Tourism (RVTI) TURA, Aviation course at sky international Academy Guwahati (education qualifications) 12th standard.

TNT: How supportive was your family with your decision of taking up modeling as a career?

Marchie Sangma: My family has always been my backbone in every high and low, ups and downs in my life. I am here today only because of their belief, support and understanding…my family is my role model.

TNT: What do you think about the fashion scene in Northeast India?

Marchie Sangma: Fashion today is mostly about the outwards being whereas the inner being of a person is mostly neglected. Street fashion is however totally different from beauty pageants where both internal and external beauty is taken into consideration.

TNT: What message do you want to carry forward through modeling?

Marchie Sangma: Modeling is a way of representing oneself about one’s beauty, talent and potentials. It is one of the ways to represent our own people and the culture, custom, creed and ethics of our nation and be proud about and also make our own country and nation proud.




#Favorite color— Green because I like nature, the green color of life- growth, harmony, freshness, fertility and environment.

#Role model— My mom is my role model because I have seen her struggling for the happiness of the family and her consistent hardwork inspires me a lot.

#Favorite actor/actress— ‘Salman Khan’-He is my childhood celebrity crush. He is my role model off screen. I love his kindness and acting.

Priyanka Chopra–She’s one of my favorite actresses because she’s such an empowered girl. I respect her for all she has achieved in her life and she has a great heart too. It inspires me a lot.

#Favorite dish–Dry fish with bamboo shoot.

#Favorite fashion designer— Ritu Kumar

#Favorite Movie— Ghajini, I learnt a lesson from this movie that if we lose our memory we will lose our identity. It touched my heart.

#Favorite holiday destination— I have not been to so many countries but for me now it is South Africa. My experience in Johannesburg South Africa has been great. I visited Aerial cable to view Harties and I must admit that it is an awesome place. There are interesting places to see with great historical insights along the way.

The writer can be reached at ptymarak30@gmail.com


You can also send your opinions, articles and write ups to shweta@thenortheasttoday.com or web@thenortheasttoday.com



All you need to know about Meghalaya’s 1st Chief Minister, Williamson A. Sangma

TNT News | October 25, 2018

The state of Meghalaya, particularly the Garo Hills region today remembered the first CM of the state, Capt Williamson Sangma, through various programs organized in many places across the region on the occasion of his 28 death anniversary. The former CM was remembered through grand functions held in his honour across Garo Hills.

Here are facts you need to know about the first ever Chief Minister of Meghalaya

**Williamson Ampang Sangma, a Garo leader, was the founding Chief Minister of Meghalaya, twenty-first state in Indian Union on 21 January 1972. He was also the first ever Governor of Mizoram among the Garos in 1989

** He along with Salseng C. Marak are the only Meghalaya Chief Minister’s to complete full term of five years in office. He always represented Baghmara assembly constituency, even after merging his political outfit in Congress(I) party

** With prior military service, he entered political field in 1952, and subsequently was elected as the Chief executive member of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council(GHADC)

** He being the first Chief executive member of Garo Hills Autonomous District Council(GHADC), called a conference of the people of the autonomous hill districts of then-Assam at Tura on 6–8 October 1954, to consider the demand of a hill state

** In 1957, Sangma was elected to Assam Legislative Assembly. When the Assamese language bill was passed in spite of opposition from tribal people later, he resigned from the cabinet to fight for the cause of separate statehood. W.A. Sangma resigned his cabinet post from the government in protest against the official Assamese language policy adopted by the Assam government

** In Meghalaya legislative assembly elections held in March 1972, after the new state was established, regional parties secured majority, while Congress secured nine seats out of total 60 seats in assembly. W.A. Sangma of APHLC sworn in as its first Chief Minister with majority

** With realisation of Meghalaya as a state, it ultimately united the areas of the Khasi, Jainta, and the Garo Hills under the leadership of Williamson Sangma. He also made sure the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE), which he considered to be of prime importance, was in Garo Hills

After his death in 1999, succeeding Government of Meghalaya honoured him by naming several of public properties, including educational institutes on his name.

WKH’s Ferro Alloys Factory under scanner for alleged violation of environmental norms

From Our Special Correspondent | Nongstoin/Shillong, Sept 06, 2018:

Tucked away in the North Eastern part of India, Meghalaya has successfully managed to attract many tourists, both domestic and foreign, over the past few years. But unfortunately, with the passage of time, the craze for development and industrialization at the expense of the environment has reduced some pockets of the green landscapes to a barren wasteland.

And the deforested, plain and barren lands in mineral-rich areas of Jaintia Hills, West Khasi Hills and Garo Hills serve as a perfect example of how nature has, time and again, been mercilessly exploited and ravaged in the name of development, economic transformation and revenue generation.

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