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Stories from the Hills: What differentiates the Khasis from other ethnic groups in India?

READERS’ FORUM | August 08, 2018: 

By Aiborlang Andrew Chyne

Not long ago, there was a young girl from Cherrapunjee who fell in love with a Shillong lad back in the 50s. She had to leave her native place, Sohra and come to Shillong to build a family  with her husband. In the pre-70s, Shillong was an emerging hub of trade and commerce ever since the British shifted the capital from Cherrapunjee.

Quality education missing in Meghalaya – Where lies the solution?

By Dr. Rusievan Shangpliang

Meghalaya may have once attained a tag ‘educational hub of northeast India’, however, it is high time that we make an assessment on the kind of education that we expect from our students and the method we use in imparting education to them.

Here our discussion will be on two areas :-

Letters | Khasi Lineage Bill 2018: Subtle yet visible attempt to dilute Matrilineal system

LETTERS | Aug 15, 2018: 

To the Editor, 


The issue revolving the Khasi Lineage Bill 2018 is selling like hot cakes in Meghalaya at present and my take on the bill is that it will “ultimately” die a natural legal death.

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