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An open letter to Nongthymmai Catholic Church authorities in run up to All Soul’s Day


LETTERS | Oct 31, 2018: 


The Editor
The Shillong News

Respected Editor,

The 2nd of November marks a day of reminiscence and memory for most Christians as we  collectively remember our loved ones and pray for their departed souls.

LETTERS | Teachers are Teachers by default and not by choice — REALLY?

LETTERS | Shillong, Sept 18, 2018: 


This would be long, but I feel there is a need to address this proper. A statement by statement response to Partha Pratim Sengupta’s derogatory comment on ‘Teachers’ published by a reputed English Daily on September 4, 2018 ~~

Students of reputed college in Shillong publicly shamed on Facebook; Is this justifiable?

OPINION | Shillong, Sept 16, 2018: 

By Mayborn Lyngdoh R

How justified are we in public shaming the Higher Secondary students of a reputed educational institute in Shillong?

Yesterday, pictures of Higher Secondary School students of a reputed Girl’s College in the capital city of Shillong were circulated on social media anonymously without entertaining a second thought.

OPINION | What is the logic behind making ‘wearing a seat-belt’ mandatory in Shillong?

OPINION | Shillong, Sept 3, 2018: 

By Mayborn Lyngdoh R

Seat-belts in Shillong are over-hyped – Other things more important than not wearing a seat-belt:

The logic behind making ‘wearing a seat-belt’ mandatory in Shillong where the maximum speed that can be driven during working hours is 30 km/hr, going by traffic-police availability of duty, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM is ‘ironic’.

Khasi Lineage Bill 2018: Mixed-marriages destroy the fabric of Khasi customs, says Erwin Sutnga

LETTERS | Shillong, Sept 3, 2018: 


This letter serves as my counter petition to Global Petition:- The Khasi Jaintia Tribe is one of the few matrilineal and matriarchal societies of the world and India.

Letters | Khasi Lineage Bill 2018: Subtle yet visible attempt to dilute Matrilineal system

LETTERS | Aug 15, 2018: 

To the Editor, 


The issue revolving the Khasi Lineage Bill 2018 is selling like hot cakes in Meghalaya at present and my take on the bill is that it will “ultimately” die a natural legal death.

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