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Riddled with errors, MBOSE put students’ future in the noose

By Ibankyntiew Mawrie | Shillong News, March 31, 2018: 

Education is considered to be the ultimate weapon to streamline social behaviours besides eradicating poverty and the government both at the centre and the state have been pumping a lot of funds into this crucial sector to ensure that the country touches a satisfactory if not good percentage of literacy.

But, who are we kidding? Education for some is just a mean to ‘get rich quick’ with total disregard to the future of the students. And the CBSE paper leak is a perfect example of this blatant act of pure selfishness.

Coal mining tragedy: Exposing the “suppressed” truth!

OPINION | SHILLONG | Dec 15, 2018:

By Ibankyntiew Mawrie

When an open secret is revealed!

The Meghalaya government was on Friday left red-faced when it was finally forced to come out of its denial mode and admit that illegal coal mining is taking place in the state.

Sad to say but it takes an unfortunate incident for the government to open its eyes to the glaring truth.

Welcome to the era of Digital Violence – Rumours-filled week wreaks havoc in Northeast

By Ibankyntiew Mawrie

Shillong, June 09, 2018: 

Where are we heading? What has happened to humanity? What has happened to sanity?

The brutal lynching of two Guwahati youths by an angry mob in Karbi Anglong, on suspicions of being children lifters, has left many in a state of shock and disgust. As disheartening as this news can come to many, the fact remains “We are still living in a dark world inhabited by demons in the flesh, heartless, senseless and shameless.”

OPINION: Why usage of term – ethnic cleansing is ‘foolish’ in context of May 31 incident

By Cherry kordor kharshiing

Shillong, June 25, 2018: 

Over the past three weeks many have voiced their thoughts and reflections on the clashes which erupted on 31st May 2018 at Sweeper’s Lane, Shillong. Some have even questioned where is the voice of the academia in all of this?

Khasi Lineage Bill 2018: Mixed-marriages destroy the fabric of Khasi customs, says Erwin Sutnga

LETTERS | Shillong, Sept 3, 2018: 


This letter serves as my counter petition to Global Petition:- The Khasi Jaintia Tribe is one of the few matrilineal and matriarchal societies of the world and India.

Students of reputed college in Shillong publicly shamed on Facebook; Is this justifiable?

OPINION | Shillong, Sept 16, 2018: 

By Mayborn Lyngdoh R

How justified are we in public shaming the Higher Secondary students of a reputed educational institute in Shillong?

Yesterday, pictures of Higher Secondary School students of a reputed Girl’s College in the capital city of Shillong were circulated on social media anonymously without entertaining a second thought.

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