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OPINION | Assembly Elections 2018: Change only a buzzword


By Patricia Mukhim

Every political party contesting the assembly election to the three states of Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya is speaking about change. Interestingly, even the ruling Congress in Meghalaya, the NPF-BJP combine in Nagaland and the CPI (M) in Tripura are talking of ‘change’ as if that is as easy as changing underwear. Those who look for change should read Ken Blanchard’s book, “Who’s afraid of change?” This book shows how individuals working in the best of organisations resist change until ultimately it takes someone with great moral courage to bite the bullet and bring in the needed attitudinal and institutional transformation. But that takes a lot of energy and time.  Politics is finally about government formation by one group that gets the maximum number of seats in a state or country, but those who are elected often find themselves challenged by the might of a bureaucracy that has developed deep roots in the system and who are the last people to want any change especially the kind of change that will disrupt their comfort zones.

OPINION: Non availability of vets in Shillong on Sundays, a matter of great concern!

SHWETA RAJ KANWAR | January 8, 2018

He kept nauseating the whole day, unable to consume anything solid; teary eyed and sad faced, he kept staring at me, shivering in the cold January winter as if I was some magician who would be able to ward away his pain and suffering by uttering some weird spells, but Alas! I only stared back at him, helpless, stroking his fluffy body in the hope that it would comfort him, not knowing the intensity of his pain that I could hardly even imagine. A bitter realization dawned upon me that day- the non availability of vets on a Sunday became a curse for my pet.

Meghalaya villagers deprived of their rights for seeking RTI

By Ibankyntiew Mawrie, Shillong News | December 23, 2017:

An empowered and well-informed citizen will not become a mute spectator if his/her rights are being taken away or violated, even if it means getting portrayed as a villain or an obstacle to development.

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