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James, Kyrmen inspect flood-hit Garo Hills; assure immediate relief

TURA | July 16, 2019:

The Ministerial delegation led by Meghalaya Home Minister, James PK Sangma and Revenue Disaster Management Minister, Kyrmen Shylla today held a review meeting on the flood relief operations in Garo Hills.

CCL coordinator cum manager arrested over delay to repair NH 62 in Garo Hills

Tura | Nov 03, 2018: 

In a first of sorts, the coordinator cum manager of CCL International Limited, Jai Kishore (40) has been arrested today from Tura in West Garo Hills over the delay in repair of the National Highway 62.

Shed political differences to solve unemployment problem, echoes the house in unison

By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, March 20, 2018:

The legislators of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly on Tuesday dwelled at large on the problem of unemployment in the state and suggested various steps to curb this problem collectively irrespective of political affiliation.

Williamnagar NGOs demands extra security presence in main market

Tura | Nov 07, 2018:

The NGOs of Williamnagar town in East Garo Hills district of Meghalaya have demanded extra security presence in the main market to prevent anti-social elements from thrashing people on the pretext of punishing a person accused of various offences.

Meghalaya: ‘Gundagiri’ must stop in Tura and time has come to put an end to ‘Goonda Tax’ – Bernard R Marak

TNT Desk | May 6, 2018

The GL Pharmaceuticals at Tura Hawakhana, which was earlier closed down by Garo NGOs was targeted by unknown miscreants on April 30 who tried to burn it down in broad daylight by setting fire to plastic found nearby. The pharmacy owned by one, Vivek Agarwal was earlier closed down by NGOs like the GSU, FKJGP, AYWO and ADE who accused the owner of fraud as well as cheating a Garo business partner by depriving him of his share from the business, and eventually kicking him out. The pharmacy was later re-opened in partnership with former ANVC B militant, Bernard Rimpu N Marak, after getting permission from the deputy commissioner and security provided by the Tura police.

In view of the above, the former Chairman of ANVC-B, Bernard Rimpu N Marak strongly condemned the torching incident by various NGOs terming it as “Gundagiri”. In a letter to the press fraternity, Bernard said-

“We have signed the peacepack but Garo Hills is far from being a peaceful place. In order to live a normal life, i took over GLR PHARMACEUTICALS and was trying to run a peaceful business in Tura. But on 1st May at around 1 pm NGOs (GSU, ADE, FKJGP, AYWO and some students from Tura Government College and NEHU) attacked and ransacked my firm, assaulted my partner in broad day light and took away the hard disk of my computer and some lacs of rupees. This is the real picture of Tura, lawless and “Gundagiri”. Tura looks like a peaceful town but end of militancy only paved way to the locals goons to rise. People of Tura, especially the business community are victims of a “Goonda tax” menace. “Gundagiri” is on a rise and i personally feel this should end here. There should not be another attack or assault or daylight robbery in Tura. Assaulting a helpless non Garo businessman does not help a Garo society and Garos don’t approve violence. I have left a life of violence and chosed to live a normal life but NGOs hitting a weak infront of me actually distorts the “Peacepact”.

NGOs have no right to take law in their hands. Nor do they have right to assault, rob or vandalise any business establishment. What they did to my shop was nothing less than “Gundagiri”. They took advantage of the loose security in the Town and used college students as their tools to make it look like mob. I will not take law in my hand but we are identifying each one of them to add their names to the FIR.
“Gundagiri” must stop in Tura and time has come to put an end to the “Goonda Tax” which is being collected by these goons. The rates of vegetables, fruits, eggs, dry fish etc has shooted up double its actual cost. Shops have to pay their haftas every month else they will take away goods or make them deliver services double the tax amount. I m determined to make Tura a peaceful town. “Gundagiri” must be stopped and security must be provided to the people.  This can be achieved only when administration and public work together against the evils in the society. There shouldn’t be another attack on anyone like they did to my firm”.


60-yr-old man killed by angry father of a girl who ran away with victim’s son

From Our Correspondent | Tura, July 21, 2018: 

In yet another murder case, the actions of an angry father ultimately ended up in a disaster after the former decided to unleash his anger on a 60-yr-old person following reports of his daughter running away with the latter’s son.

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