TURA | Oct 28, 2019:

Meghalya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma has assured repair and restoration of Tura Jail road after repeated complaints from the locals over the extremely poor condition in Tura, WGH.

The Jail Road of Tura is possibly the worst section of road within the vicinity of Tura and falls under the constituency of the CM, South Tura. Videos depicting the extremely poor condition of the road have been circulated on social media, even by the Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) questioning the present government over its promises of development.

The CM, along with a coterie of officials paid a visit to the road last evening, Oct 26 before posting on social media about the visit. North Tura MLA, Thomas Sangma was also along with him.

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Conrad posted, “Inspected the road at Jail road locality and engaged with officials and local leaders on measures to find an amicable and workable solution to issues concerning the renovation and upgradation of the road.”

Locals of the area, who had been pining about the road breathed a sigh of relief after the visit and hoped the matter would be taken up on an urgent basis. One local even went to the extent of stating that the road may finally see repairs after almost 2 decades.

“This is an important road and a part of the town of Tura. We can’t understand as to why neglect has been shown towards this section. All, including officers of the PWD were aware of the state of the road, but it needed some of the rank of a CM to finally take the matter seriously. Shows how well our departments function,” said a resident on the condition of anonymity.

Locals also pointed to nearby Sunny Hills locality where a similar situation prevailed which locals blamed to the apathy of the former MLAs.

The town of Tura, arguably the most important destination in Garo Hills has seen unprecedented dilapidation in most major roads connecting the town. While earlier repairs were taken up regularly, the situation seems to have somehow changed with only cosmetic repairs taking place, that too in only some sections.

Currently there are potholes on most roads in Tura, something that is truly a first for the town.


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