SHILLONG | Jan 2, 2019:

The Odisha Fire Service with the help of the team of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) on Wednesday resumed de-watering of the coal mine where the 15 miners were trapped in Ksan village in East Jaintia Hills.

The fire service Odisha resumed pumping the water from the old shaft at 10.30 am, a senior official informed today adding that the Indian Navy along with the NDRF  will carry out the same drill to check the water level in the main shaft.

According to the senior official,  the water level in the old shaft adjacent to the main shaft decreased by a total of 16.inch as reported by the officers incharge of Odisha Fire Service.

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It may be mentioned that the process of de-watering the coal mine had started nine days after authorities suspended the pumping out of the water last Saturday after two 25 horsepower pumps pressed into service became ineffective.

“The Odisha firemen have pumped out water from an abandoned coal mine located about 500 metres of the main shaft, where the 15 miners are trapped,” Rescue Operations Spokesperson, R Susngi, was quoted as saying by the agency.

He added that Odisha firefighters will continue with the process of de-watering the mine in order to determine the water level in the main shaft. Indian Navy divers last Monday found a wooden structure, coal lying beneath and a rat-hole with coal in the mouth in flooded mine.

It may be mentioned that a petition has now been filed in the Supreme Court demanding engagement of expert/technical teams of the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce in the rescue operations.

The Supreme Court will hear on Thursday a plea seeking the deployment of adequate manpower and equipment for the rescue of miners trapped in a flooded mine in Meghalaya.

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Meanwhile, the interim relief for the  15  coal miners in East Jaintia Hills is ready for disbursement. Informing this, Rajabla MLA, Dr Azad Zaman said that as per the DC of East Jaintia Hills, the cheques are ready

Earlier, the Meghalaya Human Rights Commission  had asked Meghalaya Government to consider giving interim relief to the relatives of the miners who are trapped in the coal mine.


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