By Our Reporter | Shillong, Oct 09, 2018: 

The consultative committee on KHAD (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage) Act, 1977 on Tuesday submitted its report to the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) CEM HS Shylla, who informed that the report will be examined by the Executive Committee before placing it in the House.

Here are the recommendations made by the consultative committee 

## The trading by non-tribal regulation should be amended in line with the drafted bill to do away with any contradictions that will crop up. 

## The need to come up with a clan bill that will give more teeth to the proposed draft amendment bill. 

## The EC should also exercise stringent measures in granting trading license and labour license. 

## The EC should also re-visit the marriage in other forms bill and follow-up with the government to obtain its approval. 

## Regulating and strengthening the traditional durbar system especially the durbar shnong. 

## Should also take immediate steps to check the entry of non-tribals and 

## To take up with other ADCs in Meghalaya so that uniformity in tackling common issues can be achieved.

The report was submitted by the chairman of the consultative committee Manstudy Nongrem.

Speaking to reporters, KHADC Chief HS Shylla said, “Now that we have received the report from the consultative committee it will be placed before the executive committee of KHADC to study the report and their recommendations.”

He informed that after the EC have studied report in the next couple of days, a special session will be held.



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