• Congress expresses concerns on “rampant” transfers of officers in the state in last six months
  • Congress accuses government of transferring officers according to its “whims” and “fancies”
  • Congress accuses a minister in the Conrad Sangma-led MDA government of “threatening” a government officer who failed to comply with his requests

Shillong, Oct 09, 2018: 

The Meghalaya Congress on Tuesday accused one of the ministers in the Conrad Sangma-led MDA government of threatening a government officer who failed to comply with his requests, and ultimately got him transferred.

Holding the state government responsible for the “rampant” transfers of civil and police officers in the last six months, MPCC spokesperson, HM Shangpliang cited one such instance where an additional deputy commissioner of Jowai, S Laloo was allegedly transferred after he failed to comply with the requests made by one minister. He, however, refused to name the minister in question.

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“It has been reported that Laloo was threatened, rebuked and scolded badly by the brother of a minister, who used all the dirty words and ‘slangs’ followed by the minister himself issuing threats to the officer that necessary action would be taken against him for not complying with the certain requests and on the same evening, this officer has been transferred from Jowai to Ampati,” alleged Shangpliang.

It may be reminded that recently, the CLP leader Dr Mukul Sangma had written a letter to the state government relating to the “rampant” and “haphazard” transfers of police officers in the state.


“Such actions disturb the continuity and way of functioning in governance; even after that letter was written, there has still been transfer orders issued by the government at its own whims and fancies. We are slightly disappointed to see the way that the government is transferring the senior officers,” he added.

Stating that senior MCS officers being victimized with “marching orders”, the Mawsynram legislator questioned the functioning of the state government stating “What is the government trying to do; what kind of message is it giving to its officers?


This is a very serious matter. The government of the day should contain itself and bring conducive atmosphere to work for everybody be it at the Grade I, II, III or IV level.”

Foreseeing the state of affairs if the trend continues, Shangpliang said the government will lose out on good officers. “Many IAS officers have left the state and gone to Delhi and other places, in this  six months’ time. Officers are being transferred on a daily basis,” he said.

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Stating that government will crumble if it continues to victimize officers like this, the MPCC spokesperson said “Governance will suffer and the ultimate victims will be the people.”

He urged upon the state government to stop the random transferring of officers or acts done on political reasons. “We are shocked to hear that in Jaintia hills, even a peon is being transferred, a gram sevak, a school teacher have been transferred outside the district. They have gone beyond the roof,” he added.





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