SHILLONG | June 11, 2019:

While the decision of the NPP-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) to hold cabinet meetings in other district headquarters of the state is applauded by many, the Opposition Congress, on the other hand, is not very happy with this approach of governance.

“There is no logic. It is nothing but just to create a hype,” Congress Spokesperson, Zenith Sangma said on Tuesday.

Coming down heavily on the ruling MDA for this decision, Sangma has termed it as an “illogical step”.

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The State Cabinet had its first ever meeting in Tura yesterday and intends to hold the next in Jowai, the district headquarter of West Jaintia Hills. The ruling MDA is of the view that this step is initiated to take governance to the grassroots.

The Congress leader questioned the logic behind the intention of the government to “governance closer to the people” and said that it is a total wastage of time and public money.

“Whatever decision taken in the cabinet whether it is in Shillong or anywhere, its all the same. No extra ordinary benefit will be there for the region or the people of the Garo Hills. As though there will be separate benefit to the people of the region,” Sangma said.

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Furthermore, Sangma said that the government is spending a lot of money on the proper and private accommodations of the entire cabinet team, senior officers, head of the departments, who had to travel all the way to Tura to attend the cabinet.

He also pointed out that in the process of the ministers and heads of departments attending cabinet elsewhere, the House of Power is left unattended and work has come to a standstill with no or little progress as everyone including the junior officers were engaged or pulled to attend to the cabinet and review meetings.

He further questioned whether the Union cabinet will also come and hold its cabinet meeting in Assam, kerala Karnataka in the same way as is being done in the state.


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