SHILLONG | June 14, 2019:

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday has expressed disappointment over the dismal performance of the students in the recently concluded Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examinations.

While pointing out that despite the state spending more than Rs 2,200 crore from budget allocation, being one of the highest, Conrad said that this challenge still prevails which begs the question on lack of qualitative change in the system.

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“We are still at 54 – 55 percent of total pass percentage and this has been the trend for the past 5 years. It is always stuck in 50-55 percent. We have more than 50,000 teachers, spent over Rs 2,200 crore with per capita of student expenditure being around Rs 30-35,000 and yet we are seeing this kind of challenge,” rued the Chief Minister while speaking during the inauguration of a school block at Mohan Massaw Government Upper Primary School, Mawprem in Shillong today.

This school is part of the initiative of the Round Table India – Ladies Circle India), a project undertaken by Shillong Round Table 252 and Shillong Ladies Circle 157.

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Speaking metaphorically, Conrad termed education as the ‘blood’ of the entire system of governance as it goes through everything while adding that when the blood is not proper, then every single organ of the body is affected. “If our brain is some department like planning, then education is the blood,” he said.

Emphasizing on the need to improve the quality of education in the state, the Chief Minister said “If we can improve the quality, then the entire body will become healthy.”

Referring to the pass percentage in the SSLC examinations 2019, which stands at 55.72 percent, Conrad spoke at length about the role of each and every stakeholder in bettering the quality of education in the state while keeping in mind the capability of the students.

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“It really affects you when you think about it; that the 50,000 children who gave exams in SSLC, 25, 000 of them did not make it. I think it is very important that society and the state as a whole, must ensure that we participate,” he said.

He advocated for cooperation among the various stakeholders and asked them to put a stop to the ‘blame game’. “We need to stop blaming each other. I keep telling people that they are all stakeholders, The government, officials have their part to play so does the parents, teachers, students and society as a whole,” he added.

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“We need people to come together, and we can only start seeing a change in things when we all put in our efforts,” Conrad reiterated.

The Chief Minister also urged stakeholders to start adopting schools while referring to his role in this part where he stated “From my side, I have adopted a school in Nongstoin and I had really appeal to everybody that let us start adopting schools.”


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