SHILLONG | Feb 15, 2019:

Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma today said that the State Government would soon start the construction work for the setting up of the entry and exit points across the State to address the issue of influx and illegal immigrants.

“We have identified the locations of setting up of the entry and exit points in four or five key locations where there is maximum vehicular traffic. Hopefully, in the next few months we would be able start the work for setting up of the entry and exit points,” Conrad informed while talking to reporters here today.

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According to the Chief Minister, the construction work for setting up of the entry and exit points is going to start anytime in Ri-Bhoi, East Jaintia Hills, Khasi Hills, North Garo Hills and West Garo Hills.

Meanwhile, he said that Home Minister, James PK Sangma and Urban Affairs Minister, Hamlet Dohling very shortly will visit Mendipathar to initiate the process of setting up of the entry and exit points at Mendipathar police station.

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“The State Government has taken a very advance steps and it would open up the check points in Mendipathar police station shortly,” he said.

When asked that some NGOs observed that entry and exit points involved a huge amount of funds and felt ILP is cost effective, Chief Minister said that entry and exit points is an infrastructure and the ILP is a mechanism.

“We need to first in put the infrastructures. We need a mechanism which take care of the issue of illegal immigration and also not hamper the economy of the State. Therefore, we are looking at the system that would balance both. The Government at the moment is not close to any idea and definitely exploring the best. We would definitely put in a system which will suit the interest of the people and the State,” Conrad said.

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“We need to bring in mechanism that would ensure a balance that the issue of illegal immigration is addressed and also the economy of the State is not affected to the extreme extend. Therefore it is for this reason that the Government has to be careful and take all aspects into consideration before putting a proper policy and a system to address the problem of illegal immigration,” he said.

Further, Chief Minister admitted that the issue of influx and illegal immigration will be an issue of concern in the coming years also.

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“That is the reason that the opposition to the CAB was so strong since everybody is concern about the illegal immigration that is there. Therefore, there is no right or wrong mechanism which will be 100 percent fool proof. But we can keep put improving and tightening the system,” he said.



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