Tura | Oct 28, 2018: 

Days after a woman was allegedly murdered by her absconding husband, who is a lawyer practicing in the Dadenggre Court, former NGO member and runner up in the MLA elections from Dadenggre this year, Rupa M Marak, has sought an inquiry into all signed affidavits done by the accused, Jahirul Islam Sarkar.

Sarkar, who is absconding in an alleged case of murder of his wife, Razia Sultana Begum, was alleged of bringing many residents from other areas and provide them with signed affidavits of many things.

“There were so many who used to come along with him for papers to be signed and most of them appeared to be from outside the state. After it was known that he forged documents to make his wife a Garo, when she clearly was not, it clearly points to many corrupt practices that may have been carried out. We cannot trust that he did not circumvent the law in all or most of his cases. We thus want all affidavits signed by him to be revalidated by the administration,” said Rupa.

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He also asked for all previously signed affidavits, which may have been forged to be declared null and void.

“Where is the guarantee that he has not made people from outside the state as residents of Meghalaya. We cannot allow for these kinds of practices to continue. He should be barred from practice for helping forge documents for his wife alone and jailed for breaking the law,” he added.

Meanwhile, the names of the two persons, who were shown as the father and mother of the lawyer’s wife have alleged fraud in the case.

“They asked us for documents on the promise of giving us a low cost house. How were we to know that this was their intention,” said the couple.

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In fact the couple had complained about this to the then ‘goanbura’ who himself was implicit in the crime in the year 2014, when the matter was brought to them. Nothing happened with their objections and the crime was never brought to light. In the meantime, the goanbura, who had helped the illegal change of name, passed away and the effort of the family continued to try and remove the wife of Sarkar as their child.

“This is a clear case of cheating and forgery. The villagers are ignorant and these unscrupulous people have taken advantage of them. How can one avail an epic card without producing any valid documents and initials to the election office or signed before a first class magistrate. We really need to think about what is happening,” said activist Jaynie N Sangma, after a visit to Williampur and the so called parents of Sarkar’s deceased wife.



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