From Our Correspondent | TURA, October 1, 2018

If the state of properties owned by the PWD is any indicator of the health of the department in the state, the Inspection Bungalow in Dainadubi reveals a dismal view.

A visit to the site in the district of North Garo Hills (NGH) will weaken even the biggest enthusiasts from ever thinking of lodging there or even spending time inside one of the various rooms within the Guest House.

The issue of the poor conditions of the IB had been raised about three years ago after which there was allegedly some money sanctioned for its repairs. However that repair is yet to get off the ground and the situation has gone from bad to worse.

“Even the best room (VIP Room) in the compound feels worse than a toilet. There is no point talking about the others. This should have been the pride of our area but is fast turning out to being an embarrassment. Why can’t some repairs be undertaken to ensure it is at least live-able,” asked a local resident?

Most of the beds within the rooms too are in a state of dilapidation, as are the mattresses. Glasses from most of the window panes are missing and have been replaced by newspapers. Running water is a luxury which none of the rooms have.

“The place is used even by ministers some times to make stop gap visits. We wonder as to how they manage living through the few hours there. No wonder why they prefer the IB at Dudhnoi in Assam. Representatives of many states come to stay and imagine this is the hospitality provided by our state. It is an absolute shame,” added another resident, CD Marak.

A visit to the place showed as to why the place was indeed only meant for the really desperate who did not have any other place to go to.

“This is very bad advertisement of one of the most important departments in the state. We just the authorities look into the matter of the IV and bring about some positive changes. We don’t want much, just make it live-able for human beings,” said another resident, S Marak.



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