TNT News | May 1, 2018

As the counting of votes came to an end and the winner of the Williamnagar seat announced, the defeat of a strong contender in the face of Deborah Marak is now being questioned by many who also claim that the Congress itself might have acted against its own candidate.

The votes are in and NPP has won’ could have been the simple story of the just concluded results of the Williamnagar seat. However the math has not been that simple. The biggest shock in the entire result has been the poor display of former minister and Congress stalwart, Deborah C Marak, who did not even come second, but a lowly third – leading to many questioning as to how did that came about.

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The Congress fielded Deborah Marak as its candidate, though close scrutiny has suggested that the support was for an independent candidate. The fact that the former minister has been at loggerheads with the former CM, Mukul Sangma, is a well established fact and may have even led the Congress working against its own candidate.

In the run up to the polls, the Congress camp was conspicuous by the absence of most top leaders even paying a visit to the Deborah Marak camp. It was only on the 2nd last day of campaigning that former CM, Dr Mukul even visited Williamnagar to show support, though he cancelled an election campaign set to be held at the Williamnagar Bazaar.


The presence of Zenith Sangma and Winnerson Sangma, who were unceremoniously escorted out of the constituency, was another point of question. Insider sources said they had not come to support Deborah but for the independent candidate supported by the Congress.

Deborah Marak, when spoken to on the matter earlier had acknowledged the lack of support saying that hardly anyone from the leadership came by to help her.

A source, close to the former MLA said, “It is a known fact that there would be no support for Deborah from the Congress in her campaign and others would definitely be beneficiaries. We know that the support went to another candidate, who stood as an independent.”

This fact was even attested to by the winner in the entire contest, Marcuise Marak who said that the division in votes definitely helped in consolidating his victory.

CM, Conrad Sangma has attested to the same fact during campaigns stating that Congress members were confused as to who to vote for as they were campaigning for one though supporting the other.


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