From Our Correspondent | Tura, Sep 29, 2018: 

A delay to provide information as per the Right To Information (RTI) landed the Joint Director of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary (AH&Vety) in trouble and the officer was fined Rs 1000 for non-compliance with RTI guidelines.

The Vet Joint Director, Dr C Shilla was fined by the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) after a complaint of non compliance to RTI guidelines was received from a member of Achik Youth Council.

The department had failed to provide information to the respondent even 90 days after the last date of submission.

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Dardy GC Marak, the advisor for the NGO had filed an RTI with the department on April 5 this year with the due date for the furnishing of the information being May 10. After the department failed to reply to the RTI, a complaint was filed by Marak with the CIC on Aug 10.

While the Commission agreed to the difficulties of information gathering as it had to be collected from 47 different DDOs, it believed that the same could have been done faster if the request for information had been dealt with promptly.

After hearing the complaint of Marak, the commission imposed a penalty of Rs 1000 while also asking no repetition of such instances in the future. Further the information is now to be provided to the complainant free of cost either on paper of digitally before Oct 8.



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