KHLIEHRIAT | Sept 14, 2019:

A day after three foreign nationals were apprehended from Khliehriat in East Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya for illegally entering India, six more Nigerians were detained today at Ratacherra.

With these arrests, the East Jaintia Hills Police have arrested a total 9 foreign nationals in last two days.

The arrests of these foreign individuals have raised a big question on their intention and motive to enter the country without valid documents. It also brings to the fore the easy access to the country from the over 800 kms Tripura stretch of Indo-Bangla border.

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It was informed that six Nigerians, who were detained today around 2 am from a vehicle, had the same alibi like the ones detained on September 13 night at Khiehriat.

It may be mentioned that East Jaintia Hills Police on Friday detained three foreign nationals — one Ivory Coast citizen and two Nigerians from a night super bus bound for Guwahati from Silchar in Khliehriat.


They claimed that they came from Africa to Bangladesh via air and entered India illegally via Tripura. They were on their way from Silchar to Guwahati.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Thomson Chizoram Nwafama (29), Chijioke Augustus Obiocha (28), Desmond Chiemela Uzochkwu (25), Okoliegbe Henry Onyedika (33), Okeke Ugochukwu Justin (32) and Chukwunyere Chinaza Christian (30).

When asked about their motive of entering India illegally, East Jaintia Hills Superintendent of Police, Vivekanand Singh said, as of now, the detainees have not revealed anything only that they are claiming that they have come to do textile business. “But we don’t buy that story; We are still investigating into the matter,” he added.

“Round the clock checking is going on in the district,” he said.

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When asked whether any link could be established like drug smuggling or cyber fraud, the SP informed that till now, they have not established any link, however, the police are not leaving any angle unattended. “We will interrogate them from all angles because a lot of Nigerians are involved in cyber fraud as well as drugs all across the country,” he added.

He further informed that like the three others who were detained yesterday, the six foreign nationals also claimed to have received the assistance of locals both in Tripura and Meghalaya.

In view of this detention, Police further strengthened its checking and other thanas have been instructed to be extra alert; West Jaintia Hills SP has also been alerted as well as the SP of Agartala.

In this regard, the police has issued a clarion call to all who have information about the people who assisted these persons to inform the SP, East Jaintia Hills on 9485178835 or while assuring that their identity will be kept secret.


Meanwhile, sources informed that the police have already intimated the Ministry of External Affairs as well as the Ministry of Home Affairs in view of the recent arrests.



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