By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, May 14, 2018:
Stressing on the need to promote Khasi movies across the globe, noted Khasi filmmaker, Pradip Kurbah said that it is important for the Khasi filmmakers to start promoting their films outside the State.

Kurbah, who has completed the shooting of his directorial venture into the movie “Iewduh” to be produced by Shankar Lall Goenka, told newsmen today that the Khasi film industry can grow only if the filmmakers start promoting their movies beyond the State.
Informing that his previous movie “Onaatah” is now on “Netflix”, he said that he is planing to do the same for his new movie “Iewduh”.
While replying to a query, he admitted that the people are still shying away to come to the cinema halls to watch the Khasi movies.
“We need to attract audience to visit the cinema halls to watch our movies. This is another important aspect for the growth of Khasi movies,” he said.
Talking about his new movie, he said that  ‘Iewduh’ (a famous market located in the city) talks about the lives of everyday people who are heroes in some way or the other.
“The basic idea of making this film is that it talks about the different kinds of human relationships. The kind of relationships the people in the market and also those living inside it share,” said the director.
He said, “It is not a documentary, ‘Iewduh’ itself is a character in this film.”
The film will also be sent for film festivals outside the state and hence will be released later.
“I have focused more on the relationships that people share inside the market place,” said Kurbah.
The main protagonist in the film is about a person who collects money outside a public toilet which is being played by Albert Mawrie.
Others include Richard Kharpuri, Enshon Lamare, Lapynhun Sun, Anvil Laloo, Jeetesh Sharma, Denver Pariat, Elmer War, Khambor Nongneng, Lapdiang Syiem, Saju Ahmed, Dhruba Kalita and Rupam Barua.
The shooting for ‘Iewduh’ took 23 days to complete but the pre-production took around 3 months.


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