From Our Correspondent | Tura, Aug 12, 2018: 

People’s apathy towards their surrounding and government’s ‘uninterested’ attitude  is clearly reflected in the poor maintenance of the famed Dikki Bandi Stadium in Tura, West Garo Hills, which is fast turning into a garbage dump.


The famous landmark follows the likes of Capt Williamson Sangma Point in Hawakhana, the ISBT at Chasingre along with the numerous tourist spots in and around the town of Tura, which have become a haven for drunks and garbage multipliers.

“This reflects our lack of civic sense and how badly we are faring as a society to keep ourselves healthy. It is sad to see places which should be our pride are fast turning out to be dumps for miscreants. The blame also goes to the spectators who come and don’t clean the place while going back,” said Rocky Marak, who posted photos of the mess made in the Dikki Bandi Stadium by miscreants.

The stadium has been used in recent years for a whole host of events, including the Independence and Republic Day events, Winter Festivals as well as recruitment camps by the Army.

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In most of the days of events, the aftermath is something that gets people angry. Food items, plastic bottles, cups, anything and everything land up on the ground. Add to that, the stinky condition of the public lavatory, the scene becomes straight out of a horror movie for cleanliness enthusiasts.

“We need to learn from other states and countries on how to keep ourselves and the environment clean. Look at the example set by Japan in the recently concluded World Cup or even Mizoram. They are examples our region needs to replicate,” added another resident, Avinash Marak.

The drive of the current DC of WGH, Ram Singh, towards the ban on plastic, has been a laudable step taken to ensuring a clean environment.

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“When he is trying so hard, we too should follow and do likewise. After all a clean environment is everyone’s business and can only be good going forward in the future,” added another SR Sangma.

With Independence Day just 2 days away, the test of Tura’s resolve for a cleaner Tura will definitely be tested, especially with more than 5000 people expected to be part of the celebrations.



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