SHILLONG | June 9, 2019:

At least 11 people were injured when a fire broke out at the 1st floor of the annex of the Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) building housing Swastik Hotel at 3 am today.

Police informed that the fire was caused due to an electrical short circuit. It was informed that the fire had emitted smoke causing panic amongst the guests of the Swastik Hotel.

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“The fire sparked from the short circuit had emitted smoke to the 2nd & 3rd floors housing Swastik hotel causing a panic among the hotel guest, some of whom had jumped off the 1st & 2 floor,” police source informed.

No damages to property was reported. The injuries caused during the incident were due to jumping and running and not burn injuries.

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The 11 persons including women and children were shifted to Shillong Civil Hospital for treatment and later released after administering First Aid.

Amongst the injured persons, one is from Assam while the rest are from Tripura.

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“As a good will gesture from the district police, all necessary arrangement was provided to the injured including financial assistance as a token to meet their medical expenses,” said the source.


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