TURA | June 14, 2019:

The warring between the former chairman of the ANVC (B), Bernard (Rimpu) Marak and the Garo Hills-based NGOs continues with three FIRs alleging molestation and threat being filed against the former militant-turned politician.

The family members of the four NGOs, who are involved in an ugly spat with the former chairman of the ANVC (B), along with a group of people lodged three FIRs against Rimpu after he allegedly forced himself into the houses of the NGOs while they were away and molested three women while abusing and threatening them.

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The cases were filed yesterday at the Tura Women’s PS by the 3 women who were allegedly molested, threatened, abused as well as shown a gun by Rimpu while he sought the NGO members themselves. He was allegedly joined in the threat by one Wilver Dango along with more than 20 others – who, according to the FIR came armed with weapons.

The FIRs also stated that the former militant and his group came in about 11 vehicles in what is being seen as an attempt to a reprisal attack after Rimpu accused them of burning down his farm house.

The two groups have been at loggerheads for close to a year now with recent events turning more sour after Rimpu filed an FIR against the NGO leaders for allegedly burning down his farmhouse in Edenbari on the outskirts of Tura.

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According to the FIRs filed by the 3 women, the 3 incidents took place between 9:30 pm and 10:20 last evening when none of the NGO members were at home.

The first assault took place in the house of a member of AYWO when apparently the group barged into the house.

“As the dogs were barking and thinking it was one of the neighbours, I opened the door and saw that my daughter was being asked questions by Rimpu and Wilver. When they saw me they asked me where my son was. I informed that he was not home but they shoved my daughter aside and about 15 men barged into the house. They barged into my daughter and son’s room and then entered my bedroom when I was not properly dressed and questioned me on the whereabouts of my son,” said the first FIR.

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Furthermore, the FIR mentioned that Rimpu even threatened to cut off their son’s head if they were able to catch him and even snatched their daughter’s phone to contact the son.

The FIR mentioned sections of trespassing, using abusive language, forcible entry, inappropriate behavior and threatening with dire consequences and criminal intimidation.

The next attack according to FIRs was at the house of the ADE president where a similar scene played out.

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The second FIR stated that both the above persons along with 20-30 people came to their house and sought their husband – who was away.

“Many of them carrying big knives, cutting blades and huge clubs. Rimpu and Wilver asked me in a harsh voice where my husband was and that he must come out of the house. I told them that my husband has departed for Shillong on the 9th of June 2019. Some of them were making lewd remarks at me as I was half dressed,” said the FIR.

“Some of his goons tried to enter my house to which I objected at first. Rimpu showed me a gun and said that since I am objecting my husband must be home. I was scared for my children but I panicked saying that they could search my house. Suddenly Rimpu and Wilver started physically abusing me by touching and poking me inappropriately and by pushing me asking for my husband,” the FIR stated while adding she was inappropriately touched by those behind her while also making lewd and sexual remarks.

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The FIR also stated that the attackers added that they would return again and that they were after the ADE president to kill him.

According to the third FIR filed, the attack on the house of the AYWO president took place at about 10:20 pm with the attackers coming in 11 vehicles.

“Two unidentified persons disconnected the light bulbs to my verandah after which Rimpu and Wilver barged into the house with weapons looking for my son. When I panicked in answering, they began pushing and tap-punching me and touching me in inappropriate places. They pulled at my top and my arm almost disrobing me. They also said that my son will be killed whenever and wherever possible,” added the third FIR filed.

Confirming the receipt of the FIR, the SP of West Garo Hills, Dr MGR Kumar said that the matter was under investigation.

Meanwhile, several attempts were made to contact Bernard but to no avail.


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