TURA | JAN 31, 2020:

With “terribly rotten” onions on sale, the FKJGP – Garo Hills Zone has sought probe into the supply of these onions, being provided to various local suppliers for sale in the open market leaving many consumers unhappy.

The onions, procured by the government of India and to be sold at Rs 30 per kg through wholesalers, apparently reached a rotten state leaving many consumers angry. The onions were apparently imported from Turkey.

Rainy spells over NE India starting today, parts of Assam & Arunachal to witness heavy rainfall

A notification on the sale of subsidized onions was made through the office of the DC of WGH, Ram Singh, on Wednesday.

“I was personally very happy that onions would be provided to consumers at subsidized rates but was in for a shock when I reached the godowns where it was kept. Almost the entire stock has rotted away and the stench was unbelievable. In fact, I could not even stand in the room to take photos of the rotting mass of onions,” said FKJGP president, Pritam Marak.

The NGO has now sought the immediate disposal of the imported stock of onions with immediate effect stating the same was posing a health hazard.

“We will not allow the sale of these terribly rotten onions through any wholesalers. In fact we demand that the entire stock is disposed off with immediate effect. The government should compensate the wholesalers for their losses, but this stock cannot be sold to people as it poses a health hazard,” said Marak.

Rainy spells over NE India starting today, parts of Assam & Arunachal to witness heavy rainfall

The NGO leader added that they would not even allow the segregation of the onions to cut down losses as the stock was beyond saving.

“We also demand an inquiry into how rotten onion stocks were sent to the state for distribution and who was responsible for the mess. The godowns where these are being kept should also be sanitized as neighbouring people will also face the effect of the smelly rotten, imported onions,” he added.

As usual, the DC was not available for comment on the matter.


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