SHILLONG | June 18, 2019:

Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma has stated that there is a need for a strong documentation to ensure that the steps taken by the State Government to find permanent solution to the Them Iew Mawlong issue is not challenged in the future.

“The documentation papers’ work by the High Level Committee (HLC) should be done meticulously so that there are no issues and challenges in whatever steps we take to address this long pending issue in the future. I am of the view that the committee should not be pushed right now. But yes the committee should try to complete the exercise in a speedy manner. But it should not do in a manner that is hasty. I think proper home work is needed in this whole exercise,” Chief Minister told reporters on the sideline of a function held at the State Convention Centre here today.

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Reacting to a queries on the uncooperative nature of Sikh population residing at Them Iew Mawlong with the inventorisation exercise initiated by the Shillong Municipal Board, Sangma said that this issue would be looked at once the committee submits its report

“It is premature right now to discuss on that line. Investorisation is going on right now. We will wait for the report of the committee before taking a final call on the way forward,” Meghlaya Chief Minister said.

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He, however, said that this kind of effort to address this long pending issue has not made in the past.  “If you look at the history of this case none of the Government really took this up as we have done. The Government in the past are shying away since this issue is very complicated,” he said.

When asked about the demand made by the Harijan Panchayat Committee to State Government to provide them with permanent land documents, Meghalaya Chief Minister said that there are many letters, claims and requests that are coming in.  “As the Government, it is our duty to listen to everybody and give them the time to express their concern and their point of view.. The committee will compile all these letters and requests. It is also the duty of the committee to listen to all stakeholders,” Sangma said.

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He further said that the committee also had a concern on the overall land issue.

On his meeting with the members of the Gurudwara Committee and other committees of the Sikh population, he said that they had expressed their concern over of the security aspect of the Sikh population who are staying here. “Even when the incident happened last year, we did everything possible on our hands to ensure that every citizen is protected. Therefore, the protection of the citizen is the primary responsibility of the Government and we are doing that irrespective who they are and which community they belong,” Meghalaya Chief Minister said.

He, however, asserted that the security aspect should not be mixed with the overall issue of Them Iew Mawlong adding that they were satisfied with the steps taken by the Government.


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