TURA | Nov 20, 2018: 

East Garo Hills NGOs including the FKJGP, GSU and AAYF on Tuesday alleged Marak Pavers and Stone Industries of flouting the rules laid down by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to ensure illegal quarrying of stones from the river bed of the Simsang.

According to the NGOs, this so called industry has been extracting stones illegally from other areas in Samanda (EGH) while breaking NGT regulations. The proprietor of the same company is allegedly one Georgeman Marak.

Allegedly, the quarrying of stones happens in catchment areas as well as in restricted areas.

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“They are quarrying stones on the Simsang river bed as well as in watershed areas. They have continually been releasing chemicals and other affluents,” said the NGOs.

“This will affect the ecological balance as well as affect the dwindling reserves on a permanent basis. If it is not stopped now it will have an effect on the perennial streams in Garo Hills,” alleged the NGOs.

The NGO alleged that the current situation will permanently affect the natural state of the region and affect livelihoods of the people.

“We immediately seek an inquiry into the situation for the people of the region,” added the NGOs.



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