TURA | Feb 16, 2019:

A day after a mob attack on three suspected dacoits in West Garo Hills, local MLA of Phulbari, SG Esmatur Mominin (Rahibul) has demanded a thorough inquiry into the mob lynching which left two people dead and one critically injured.

It has now emerged that two of the three who were beaten up were businessmen from Williamnagar, Bita Rabha and Mikseng Marak, the third person’s presence, Mokibul Akond (who had an earlier case against him) may have actually prompted the lash back from the crowd which left both Marak and Akond dead while Rabha is recuperating in hospital.

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“This is a very serious matter and a thorough investigation is necessary. I will be meeting with the administration and police to find out the people behind what happened. They need to be punished as per the law,” said Mominin after reaching Phulbari to take stock of the situation.

Yesterday, Feb 15, a crowd of over 4000 people mercilessly beat up the three on the suspicion of being dacoits.

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Condemning the incident, the MLA came down hard on the violence by an unruly mob that led to the deaths.

“There are laws for these kinds of things. If they were guilty they could have been punished as per the law. What was the need to mete out this sort of beating that led to the killing of two innocent people while a third is battling for life? At this rate there will be a lot of innocent blood spilt which cannot be tolerated,” stated Rahibul.

Meanwhile family members of one of the victims, Akond, informed that Akond was innocent of the accusations hurled at them by the mob.

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“Yes there was an earlier case but that was 4-5 years ago and the matter has not been proved. They were returning the car of the traders from Williamnagar where a purchase of betel nut had been made by Akond. As he did not carry enough money with him and the owners wanted it bad, they decided to come back to Chibinang,” said the family member.

He further added that the only mistake they made was to take a short cut through the road during the night.

“When they reached Chanangpara they were stopped and were told that they would be let off in the morning after they had paid the fine for breaking the village rules. When news of their capture spread the mob began to swell. The Nokma tried to save them by locking them in his house but the crowd broke down the door and dragged them out. Our family member (Akond) was the first one killed,” said the family member.

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Lamenting the demise, he added that his uncle was a businessman, just like the other two who came along with him.

“They were not even aware of the situation here or they would have not even come through the road. Innocent lives were lost due to misunderstandings and such a thing should not happen to anyone. The mob just refused to listen to reason,” he added.



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