TURA | NOV 27, 2019:

The NPP led members of the GHADC today staged a walkout before the ‘No Confidence Motion’ could be brought about after losing in the election held to the deputy chairman of the GHADC.

Durugre MDC, Mettrinson Momin defeated the NPP led coalition’s Silkigre MDC, Augustine Marak by a margin of 15-13 with one vote being invalid. The chairman was not required to vote. The opposition claimed that the invalid vote was also part of their members.

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Sensing defeat, the NPP led group walked out of the hall citing the lack of a leader with the chairman, Denang T Sangma, also joining the group – possibly a first for the region.

The agitated Opposition members have stated that they will push for a special session to complete the NCM vote and oust the NPP led EC.


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