TURA | May 15, 2019:

The Garo Students’ Union (GSU) has lambasted the state government and the local MLAs of South Garo Hills for ‘neglecting’ the district and for their failure to ensure network connectivity in the SGH.

“We voted for the MLAs to take up the cause of the poor in their respective areas but they forget us when they sit in their chairs in Shillong. On behalf of the people of SGH, I condemn and blame them for the poor state of the district of SGH,” said GSU leader, Greneth Sangma.

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The NGO leader asserted that the district was indeed the most neglected area in the state and equally blamed the government and the district administration for failing to take up the cause of the people.

“There has been no internet link since December, 2018 for official work and transacting at banks. People, especially the students are facing immense hardships due to the lack of network connectivity. The administration should provide another service provider other than BSNL as their service is hardly ever available,” said Sangma.

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They asserted that official work had come to a standstill due to connectivity issues of BSNL.

“Worryingly students await their Class X exam results and without network it will be difficult. Further electricity in the district is an off-on game with many periods of no electricity, especially during the time of examinations. Are we still living in the dark ages,” questioned Sangma.



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