From Our Correspondent | TURA, May 16, 2018

The Garo Students Union (GSU) on Tuesday have joined those who have expressed resentment over the move of NEHU – Tura campus to hold interviews in Guwahati, calling it an attempt to bypass the job reservation policy of the state.

GSU president Tengsak G Momin asserted, “The circular passed for a walk in interview on June 2 NEHU Guest House, Borjhar, Guwahati looks suspect because it entails that NEHU has no suitable infrastructure to hold an interview at its campuses. We know they do.”

The NGO stated that the last time, NEHU conducted an interview at Guwahati – a non-local was chosen to fill up the post of an engineer.

“During the tenure of Prof Kare even a milkman/shepherd was brought from his own home town. There are many who were well qualified for posts sought – a residential doctor,staff nurse and system analyst. Like the rest of the country we too are facing unemployment problem of the youths,” he added.

“Why is this chance for employment for the people of Meghalaya being taken away?  This is unacceptable which also likens the educated and qualified of Meghalaya to be unqualified for NEHU,” stated the NGO leader.

The NGO further demanded the walk in interview be conducted in Tura as was required.

“Why the need for unnecessary expenses when it is perfectly alright to do so in Meghalaya? The exam must be conducted in Meghalaya,” he stated while stating that the move to hold interview in Guwahati seems to want to discourage potential local candidates.

The NGO further congratulated the CM, his cabinet and other political parties for their stand on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 and for their foresight while still asking the CM to look into the matter at hand.


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