SHILLONG | March 16, 2019:

The United Democratic Party (UDP) MDC, Teinwell Dkhar has created history by being the first MDC who continues to live at the MDC hostel even after becoming the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Council.

The four time MDC, who represented Shella constituency since 2004, had to stay in the MDC Hostel since he neither own a house or a land in Shillong.

Since its inception, the KHADC has never had a CEM who stays at the MDC Hostel.

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Speaking to a group of reporters, Teinwell had said that after winning the MDC election in 2004, he was staying with his brother for the first two years.

“I have been staying along with my wife and my two children in the MLA Hostel since 2006. I had to stay in the MDC since I neither have a house or a land in Shillong,” Dkhar said recently.

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According to him, he has never had any high ambition in life adding that he has no regrets for not owning a property in Shillong.

“I am happy by God grace I have been able to bring up my children in a proper way. I feel fortunate that I own a vehicle now,” he said.

The Shella MDC however said that he has a house at his home place at Mawlong village near Shella.

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The KHADC CEM said that he never thought of becoming a politician while he was teaching in one of the schools at Mawkyrwat for 15 years.

“I think it is destiny which has brought me to politics. When I was a teacher I only had a dream that I should be able to attest documents one-day. But now I have got the opportunity to become the CEM of the Council,” he said.

It may mentioned that Teinwell has completed his Bachelor Degree in Science and his Bachelor in Education (B.Ed).

When apprised about the fact that none of the CEM was ready to stay in the MDC Hostel, he said that the reason that the other CEMs are not staying in the hostel since they have their own houses.

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Revealing his experience of staying in the MDC Hostel, he said that there are lots of problems in the hostel in the initial years adding that the situation now in the hostel is far better.

He said that the water scarcity problem in the Council now is also resolved. The KHADC CEM said that the only problem now is that dust would enter the rooms in view of the construction which are going on in the premises of the Council.

It may mentioned that there are many MDCs who have taken rooms in the MDC Hostel but they gave to their family members.


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