Shillong, December 23, 2017: The beautiful state of Meghalaya, characterised by an undulating terrain is the smallest states in India.

The highest peaks in Meghalaya are around Shillong, the state capital.

Shillong is also divided into three parts with lower Shillong being at an elevation of 4908 feet, Upper Shillong at 5600 feet, and Shillong Peak at 6449 feet, which happens to be the highest in Meghalaya.

A couple of places in Meghalaya witness sub zero minimums with parts of Upper Shillong observing frequent low temperatures.

Due to low temperatures and humidity, layers of frost develop over the region resembling snow. However, snowfall does not occur in the state. Why?

A few of the reasons why Meghalaya does not receive snow are:

Firstly, Meghalaya is located south of Assam Valley and is not a part of the Himalayan ranges which run from Jammu and Kashmir across Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim. Even locations lying on a lower elevation in the Himalayan ranges witness snowfall. Places which are situated in the Himalayan ranges have suitable weather for snowfall to occur.

Secondly, for snowfall, several factors are to be considered which includes very low temperatures up in the clouds where snowflakes are formed and on the ground level as well. If the air near the ground level is warm, it is not conducive for snowflakes to sustain which is why they melt resulting in a no snow show.

Thirdly, Meghalaya lies in the tropical latitudes close to the Tropic of Cancer which inhibits the occurrence of snowfall. Other than the areas lying in the Himalayan ranges, it does not snow on areas lying in the vicinity of the Tropic of Cancer.

Lastly, the western disturbances from Pakistan track northeastwards and affect the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Thereafter, they move towards the Himalayas without affecting Meghalaya. Thus, the effect of the disturbances the Western Himalayas is not felt over the state.

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