TURA | April 17, 2019:

In view of the reported rise in illegal gambling in Tura, the students’ organisations of Garo Hills region of Meghalaya on Tuesday filed an FIR against people and groups practicing this ‘illegal business’.

The unions which included the GSU,FKJGP, ADE and AYWO apprised the West Garo Hills district police about the illegal gambling that is being operated in Tura.

“It is public knowledge that gambling is a regulated market and as per our discreet enquiry, no one has obtained any such license to conduct such an operation which is in violation of the Meghalaya Prevention of Gambling (amendment) Act 1976,” read the complaint letter.

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According to the students’ union, gambling in the state of Meghalaya requires an act or an ordinance and “Bawil Dawil” (gambling) has not yet got the official sanction of the state.

The only gambling allowed is the “Teer” which was legalized with the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax (amendment) Act, 2000(Meghalaya Act No.12 of 2000) and in 2019 with an ordinance “The Meghalaya Regulation of Game of Arrow Shooting and Sale of Teer Ticket Ordinance, 2018” as it was subsumed because of the passing of GST.

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The “Bawil Dawil” is in gross violation of the state act and a willful volition of the state laws for personal gain, said the social organisations while adding that it is not even a traditional game.

They were of the view that the illegal gambling must be stopped lest it mushrooms staggeringly attaining bubonic proportions.

“This act of violation poses several important questions but the answer is maddeningly simple,” they stated.

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Furthermore, they suspected that the act is being sponsored by someone right under the noses of the Tax Department, the Police and the administration.

“If no action is taken, the GSU will enquire upon it on its own and take it up as an issue so that the government takes action upon it. We want the person responsible for illegal gambling to be charged for the illegal operation,” read the statement.



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